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Dampeer's Essence Proposed Change

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Besides Dampeer's current state, there are proposed changes:

  • Essence no longer gives additional benefit to any Dampeer's abilities, it gets replaced by bonus 100/145/190 max health to him per essence.
  • Magic damage from Terrorize is rescaled to 100/165/230/295 and Fear duration from it is rescaled to 1.5 seconds.
  • If Dampeer's current health percentage is less than the target he attacks during Fear effect from Terrorize, his attack heals him by 3% of his maximum health.
  • Magic damage from Vampiric Flight is rescaled to 100/145/190/235.
  • Static heal from Vampiric Flight is changed to percentage by 4% of Dampeer's max health to hero and 2% of his max health to non-hero.
  • Bloodthirst no longer grants lifesteal aura, it gets replaced with a passive bonus attack speed to Dampeer per 2% of his maximum health.
  • Bloodthirst grants 10/20/30/40 bonus attack speed and 9/12/15/18% bonus movement speed with unit-walking to Dampeer for 3 seconds if he's healed from his ability (doesn't stack, only refreshes).

Thought Process:

  • Current Dampeer arguably is inferior burst damage dealer over most heroes within same category.
  • This change is proposed to strengthen Dampeer's feature to sustain as burst damage dealer.
  • The proposed essence will still help Dampeer amplifying his abilities (indirectly) but on different aspect of his as sustaining burst damage dealer.
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