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Changing connection and reconnecting

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So my problem is as follows:


I have really unreliable wifi connection, meaning it sometimes just disconnects and it takes about 30seconds to reconnect. Thats why I sometimes use mobile hotspot to play the game.

I usually use Wifi to queue, once I have found the game I just connect to mobile hotspot and play the game.

Thing is, there are times I change to mobile hotspot and I can´t reconnect to the game, I try "reconnect" in console but it just thinks a little and says no response from server. But if I connect back to wifi it finds the game and I can reconnect. 

I can´t use my mobile hotspot to queue because whenever I find a game, it just says no response from server. Queue again, same, no response from server. It almost feels like it depends on the time of day. There are times I can queue and reconnect just fine after switching connections and then there are times it doesnt work at all.

What could be the cause of the mobile hotspot not allowing me to reconnect and why does it pop "No response from server" when I try to queue using it?

Bit confusing, but had to try.

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