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Most optimal specs for HoN to get good performance?

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6 hours ago, Ladonien said:

Additonally, it looks like AMD is just crushing Intel now with its new AMD ryzen 5XXX series so.

I wouldn't say that. If you check game benchmarks the 5800x and the 9900k are pretty even frame wise. In some games the amd one is slightly (we are talking about 3-5fps) better and in others it's the intel winning the race. Considering the amd processor is around 100€ more expensive I wouldn't talk about crushing ^

However, fps wise you will not really notice any difference between the high tier CPUs anyway.

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Any difference between hyperhtreading vs amds technology that would make them better or worse for different type of tasks?

AMD was often said to be better at multitasking, but could be just because they would have more cores than intel in the past for the same price (while their clock rates as mentioned weren't really the same to intels at the equivalent levels?)

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