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Prophet rework concept.

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This is the concept of the Prophet rework that i spent a lot of my free times to create and correct it. Feel free to discuss
Current Prophet is lack of useful. His job is avg and not focus on anything special, even his ultimate doesn't make the player feel like it is a strong skill. So i remake some part of his skill and give him some kind of special to compare of other support. Prophet now focus much more on weaknen a single enemy on a group. Reduce the chance they can get help by seprated them from allies.

----SKILL -----
[HAUNTED]: Red Debuff.
3 of 4 Prophet skills now will applied [Haunted] to enemy in 6 seconds. [Haunted] is the debuff make the owner vulnerable to the next spell from Prophet and propagate his attacks to another [Haunted] enemies.
- [Haunted] effects:
 + Prophet’s attack will propagate and deal 30% damage to all nearby enemy heroes with [Haunted] on them.
 + Taking the next spell cast from Prophet will receive an addition effect.
 + Haunted remain until its purged or duration expired. (work different with midas's transmute)


Type: Active - Magic - Slow - Stun - Bounce
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11 seconds
Cast range: 550
+ Target an enemy to apply [Persecution] for 6 seconds or 4 attacks. Deals an initial 55/70/85/100 Magic Damage and applies -30% movement speed in 1 seconds. The  target take 10/20/30/40 magic damage and be stunned in 0.25s whenever they are attacked. The last proc will stun the target in 1 seconds and apply [Haunted] 
[Haunted addition effect]
 + The skill will bounce to an addition target. If the next target also being [haunted], this effect will repeat.





- Type: Buff/Debuff - Active - Magic - Healing
- Cooldown: 10/9/8/7 seconds
- Cast range: 600
* Target an enemy/ally to weaken/enpower them: 
 + If the target is the enemy: Deal 60/90/120/150 magic damage and applied -15/30/45/60 attack damage for the next two attacks.
 + If the target is the ally: Heal 60/90/120/150 and deal 45/60/75/90 bonus magic damage on attacks for the next two attacks. Can be used on self
[Haunted addition effect]
 + Deal an addition 30/45/60/75 bonus magic damage (enemy only)


[FEATHER TRAP] - [E]: i'm not good on giving the name
 - Type: Passive/Active - Trap - Magic - Debuff
 - Cooldown: 7/6/5/4 seconds
 - Mana: 50
 - Cast range: 600/800/1000/1200
 - Radius: 125 (?)
 + PASSIVE: Every time [Feather Trap] is used, cooldown of [Persecution and Invigorate] are reduced by 1 second if they are on cooldown (like old moneyking passive)
 + ACTIVE: Target a location to set up a Trap, last 12 seconds. Trap take 0.8s before it becames active and 0.5s delay before it explode. Trigger when enemy player-controlled unit step in it. Dealing 80/100/120/140 magic damage, applied [Haunted] and -1.5/-2/-2.5/-3 armour in 8 seconds. 
 + Trap can be seen to enemy. The explosion can miss if the target moving too fast.
 + Trap doesn't give sight and can not be used to block neutrap camp. (or farm creep)
[Haunted addition effect]
+ Twice the effect of armour reduction.
[Staff of the master addition effect]
+ Reduce the cooldown by half and increase the cast range by 400. [Haunted] debuff duration from all skills increased by 4 seconds (total 10 seconds)


 - Type: Self Cast - Transform - Self Disarm - Magic - Slow - Debuff
 - Cooldown 120/110/100 seconds
 - Mana cost: 150/200/250
+ Transform to a bird (Flying unit) in 12/16/20 seconds.
+ While in raven form, Prophet can not use [Persecution] and [Invigorate] or attack.
+ Gain a ability [Dive], target a location to dive in it. Return to normal form on impact and applied [Haunted] to all enemies within range.
+ [Dive] can not be used whever Prophet are attacked (3 seconds cooldown, like Portal Key). Decrease the duration by 3 seconds whenever Prophet are attacked.
+ Deals 50/75/100 Magic Damage and applies [Debilitate] for 4/5/6 seconds to all enemies within range.
+ [Debilitate Effect]
 - -20% movement speed, +15/20/25% Damage Taken from all sources

---- How do the skills work? ------



 - A very strong debuff that empower prophet's spell. Using [Feather trap] form far range to applied [Haunted] and combo with [Persecution] to harras more enemies. Or using [Persecution] frist to applied [haunted] and then using [Feather trap] and [Invigorate] to weaken a single enemy.



 - [Persecution] is a main harras skill from Prophet. Its version now have some change to make Prophet can support properly compare to other supporter. The last stun proc now will pause enemy longer than normal. The skill can also bounce to another target if your main target have [Haunted] on them



 - [Invigorate] is the best support skill that help your carry on early laning for both healing and harrasment. It's no longer give high attack speed to combo with [Persecution], so you will need a help to deal max damage and stun from [Persecution] early game. It was too good before when it heal/buff both Prophet and your ally, so i changed it. you now can only heal one person but for exchange, you can cast it to a enemy to deal damage and weaken them. So you will have two option to chose regard on situation.

[Feather Trap] 


 - [Feather Trap] main purpose is spamming to reduce the cooldown of other spell. The explosion work like old Geomancer' E. I intent to make it very hard to hit if the enemy moving freely. When it hit, it applied [Haunted] and reduce enemy armour, wherever nearby enemy or the main target hit, it always bring a best resuit. The cast range is the part i'm not sure about. [SOTM] reduce cooldown by half and increase cast range, make it more faster to use your other spell

[Raven Form]


 - [Raven Form] is basiclly the old ultimate but I make it stronger and really look like the real strongest skill. The Bird form is not necessary, I just want to use the old model. Everything of this skill can be changed, I only want the ultimate applied [Haunted] and [Debilitate] to all enemies within range. (so it will look like the old skill)
 - While on [Raven form], you cant attack or cast [Persecution] and [Invigorate]. It was intended to make those two skill always ready after you used [Dive].

 - Overall, the old combo from Prophet does not change. Using Ultimate and [Persecution] to bring confused on battle field, and increased your teammates damage with [Debilitate] Effect

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Seems complicated rework and I think Haunted roughly similar to Midas' ultimate put out of ability choice.

If I may suggest, Haunted name should be changed to Sealed Fate or anything to your liking because Haunted as a name is already on Wretched Hag's ability.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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Yeah. It work similar but slightly difference. Transmute gone after it triggered but Haunted will not. It debuff remain until it purged or duration expired.

I'm not good on giving the name but i will try to think some alternative for it

HoN SEA Player

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