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Thoughts on improving shop/plinko experience to make the game more inclusive

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First, let me say, this is a wonderful game. I've probably put tens of thousands of hours into playing this game over the past decade which is a testament to those who have had a hand in development. I am thankful overall so don't take this post the wrong way. It is not mean to be a gripe session it is simply me sharing my thoughts on where we are today with the shop/Plinko.

One thing that has confounded me since the beginning is the pricing system in the shop. It is incredibly stingy and has not changed its model of exclusivity now for a decade. It panders solely to players with massive amounts of disposable income.  Right now I can buy just under 2000 gold for 30$US. Just glancing at the shop that would get me a good announcer pack and an elite avatar. That is not attractive at all considering my lower class income (roughly 35,000$ annually). Not at all. That has never been worth it to me even in the best of financial times.  In my opinion, the prices are out of touch with the reality of the common players' pocketbook and the powers that be should rethink the future of the "exclusivity" business model and be more inclusive for modest income players.

If the prices in the shop were to fall and I could get 10,000 gold for 30$ would HoN lose some large chunk of loyal customer/donors out of spite because now their favorite Rhapsody avatar or Sam L Jackson announcer is owned by more players? Are these customers/donors the only ones keeping HoN afloat presently? That hilarious Merrick announcer that I just barely missed is completely absent from the shop. I can't even buy it if I wanted to. I think it was given away if you played so many games during a certain time period years ago that I just missed out on.  Would loyal players who already own it really be upset if it was suddenly made available to buy? How many of those players have already left the game forever?  I think the "exclusivity" approach behind the system is a little disproportionate and if it wasn't 8, 6, 3 years ago it certainly is today. In the past few months the entire global economy has taken a serious nosedive. This pandemic will negatively affect us all in a myriad of ways for years to come and of all the possible things to come out of it I don't think it's a bad idea to reconsider the shop's approach. Why not have some serious sales or Plinko ticket giveaways? Plinko is another frustrating aspect of the game that never fails to disappoint. In theory it is a great addition that allows circumvention of the shop for great avatars but it's success rate is astonishingly small. Seemingly 75% of the time I "win" 30 tickets and the rest of the time I win cheap avatars I'll never use. Like shop theme it is excessively stingy. Has this game come to the point where we can open up the shop and start catering to the average player out there? I don't know how many times i told myself: " Oh, eventually the prices will get better or Plinko odds will increase and I'll finally contribute more $" but still.... I find myself still waiting.

Now ask yourself, is it possible HoN could increase revenue overall by lowering prices in the shop? Is it that outlandish to think people would pay if they felt like they were getting a true bargain?  What is the true cost of that happening?



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In the past, Plinko has statistically been proven to favour the player more than what they spend on the tickets. If the players want control of what products they want, they are better off spending their Gold Coins in the normal fashion.


I don't have any mathematical proof on hand & it's not worth the effort to even try to prove it to you (just based on how you worded your post), so you can think what you like and believe what you want. Players will always have an anecdotal and preferential bias, and we can't make everyone happy.


Plinko is not going to receive any major changes these days, due to the high amount of work required to make any basic updates to it (let alone overhaul the system).


Thanks for the feedback nonetheless, but seeing as how nothing is planned to change, there's no point in having an open discussion about it at the moment.

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