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Heeelllllo there, lovely HoN community.

I have encountered a HUGE problem. ALL of a sudden my game started freezing every time i use a spell with the AOE outline on it. The bigger AOE zone the bigger lag goes. Usually it takes about 4-10 second to unlag. The lag goes smaller if i keep using the skill or just spam and cancel it.
Another thing that makes it freeze is putting something out of the inventory or changing item slots. Only laggs if i switch slots in the small ward backpack.
Sometimes it'll freeze forever and i'll have to restart the game. Makes me furious.
Fixes I've tried:
Reinstalling, Updating every possible driver i can imagine, installing a x64 version of the game, opening UDP and TCP ports suggested by HoN FAQ.
Nothing helps. I love the game so much, but it seems i can barely play it now. Help!

I do not have a wooden PC. Ran Cyberpunk on it. Had about 55-60 constant FPS. So i guess my hardware can't be problem.

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