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Symbol of Rage Proposed Change

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Besides Symbol of Rage current state, there are some proposed changes:

  • Passively every 3 seconds grants 1 charge, up to 120 charges.
  • Automatically consumes 120 charges to revive first valid killed creep as a permanent owned unit
  • Owning the creep from this item has same limitation as Whispering Helm (non-ancient, non-boss creep in general).
  • Invalid creep doesn't consume the charge upon killing them.
  • Takes the nearest valid killed creep to be revived if more than 1 valid creep is killed at same time.
  • The owned unit grants 2 Mana Regeneration and grants 30% Movement Speed & Damage of the owner.

Thought Process:

  • This suggestion gives a reasonable feature for Symbol of Rage as Whispering Helm's line of item.
  • Whispering Helm's dominate creep ability will no longer poof away as Symbol of Rage takes its place.
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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

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