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On the game a guy named was racist with me, call me black shanty town on mic, in minute 16:52 he call me monkey, in a bad way, he blame me to die and lose middle, i do not support this racist on game or bad guys, just watch replay with sound and will see this, and he was very agressive on mic, i hope someone can ban him and send a feedback, or explain why a racist have some space on HON. I said to him: i will report, and he said: ok, i can create another account and play again. And probably be racist again with another players, i dont concede because i think he need to learn to lose; thanks


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Don't call out players on public forums
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Please do not call out players or forums not report them here, not the place for that!

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11 hours ago, sunkall said:

Im wrong to post here, but i already report another racist guy on game and they dont ban him, thats insane on 2021.

first of all:
as shattered already told you, this is not the place to report people. it can actually get you forum suspended if you do this multiple times.
that aside, voice chat is not being recorded! it is not in replays and it is not something GM's have access to check on, cause as i said, it is not being recorded! I know this sucks but the only way around it is to mute that guy (put him on ignore) and move on. If they are abusive in text chat, report them through the ingame RAP function. But here is soemthing to keep in mind, if you frequently reported someone that was innocent, you have a terrible RAP karma score. that means that your reports are less likely to be looked at because the SYSTEM (!!) deems them inaccurate and unreliable.
So this is not so much about tolerating racist behaviour, this is people making poor or straight up false reports about things and ruining their own reliability score. And in order to prevent those reports that in 90% of cases end up innocent from cluttering up the GM's desks, the system moves them to the very end to the lane or with very poor karma straight up drops them, if noone else reported them. If someone acts abusive in voice chat, either record it, or mute them, because (and RAP guidelines very clearly outline and explain this) there is nothing GM's can do about it otherwise sadly.

Oh and lastly:
starting shit by telling someone to "go fuck themselves" (FUCK YOU JUNGLE" and then wanting to report them for chatbause is a bit hypocrite don't you think?

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