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Learnatorium: other players guides beyond top 10-15

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I think a few are sponsored (payed) by Frostburn and made by pro players, how the others get upvoted Im not sure, possibly clans sharing them among each other. Most are very old.

This is a feature that I loved but also miss nowdays. 

Imo when reworking a hero or adding a ton of new items, old guides should be removed. So new can rise to the top. But we would need a way to easily and actively browse through new ones then. 

I think there was a part on the website where you could browse guides, but I dont know if its there anymore.

Personally Im mostly looking for guides with as many items as possible (but still relevant) to work as shortcuts for purchasing things. In the past I used to make my own like this.

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Was looking into Hammerstorm right now for fun to see what number of stars he has and although thats not listed on the website, each hero has a "guide" section.

So here you got a few more guides.

But theres still a problem in that you cant actually browse further back and find less popular guides to upvote. So yeah its still a mystery of sorts. 

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