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Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification

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Proposed Mechanic:

  • Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification is the opposite of Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction, meaning it increases the stun and/or debuff duration by percentage.
  • Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification increases stun and/or debuff duration on application, meaning it doesn't require Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification to always stick on taker/dealer to increase Stun and/or Debuff duration once the debuff and/or stun is amplified on application.
  • Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification has simple interaction with Stun & Debuff Reduction, they substract each other percentage.
  • Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification doesn't add itself if it happens to be a status effect.
  • Stronger Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification on an effect overrides the weaker one so it doesn't stack.
  • Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification affects either taker or dealer by looking the description whether the dealer or taker has Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification.

Proposed Utilization of Stun & Debuff Amplification:

  • Armor of the Mad Mage: also amplifies Stun & Debuff Duration applied on enemy unit within the aura by 10%.
  • Grimoire of Power: the active also amplifies Stun & Debuff Duration the bearer applies on enemy unit by 20%.

Thought Process:

  • As Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction already exists within the game, it possibly won't hurt to have Stun & Debuff Duration Amplification.
  • Armor of the Mad Mage is proposed to have this mechanic because its magic armor reduction isn't enough as selling point.
  • Grimoire of Power is proposed to have this mechanic because Searing effect is a debuff from my understanding.

Feel free to give your concern regarding this suggestion by replying this thread.


If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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