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1 hour ago, sum182 said:

i'm new and i was trying to download the game, and found out this client fucking sucks... when i tried to update the game,  the speed does not go above 200kb.. went to find a solution, seriously the fix to this problem is this mess??

  1. Please disable your firewall and/or antivirus or allow Heroes of Newerth to bypass it
  2. Allow outgoing traffic to ports TCP:80 (login/update), TCP:11031 (chatserver) and UDP:11235-11335 (game servers)
  3. Run a tracert
  4. Run Heroes of Newerth in WIndows 95 Compatibility mode
  5. Uninstall Heroes of Newerth and restart your computer. Afterwards, download Heroes of Newerths latest version at http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/download.php

    im not doing all that, fuck this.. now i understand why this doesn't get any new players and has a fame of dead game

Just skip the step 1 to 4 and proceed to step 5 by downloading the game in this thread (see below).

Good luck.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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3 hours ago, sum182 said:

Я новичок, и я пытался загрузить игру, и обнаружил, что этот клиент чертовски отстой ... когда я попытался обновить игру, скорость не превышает 200 КБ .. пошел искать решение, серьезно исправление для это проблема в этом бардаке ??

  1. Пожалуйста, отключите брандмауэр и / или антивирус или позвольте Heroes of Newerth обойти его.
  2. Разрешить исходящий трафик на порты TCP: 80 (вход / обновление), TCP: 11031 (чат-сервер) и UDP: 11235-11335 (игровые серверы)
  3. Запустите tracert
  4. Запустите Heroes of Newerth в режиме совместимости с Windows 95
  5. Удалите Heroes of Newerth и перезагрузите компьютер. После этого скачайте последнюю версию Heroes of Newerths по адресу http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/download.php, я

    не делаю всего этого, к черту это ... теперь я понимаю, почему у этого нет новых игроков и слава мертвецов игра
do not swear at the noob game. hon is alive. and thank God they have at least begun to engage in lately. thanks who makes hon better ...
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4 hours ago, sum182 said:

the speed does not go above 200kb

Even steam-games limit the download speed if their servers are under load.
As for HoN it's kinda because of how the patcher works, that it's kinda slow (it creates a new connection for every file - and it usually requires a lot of them).

Anyways, if you're updating or downloading a big patch/game, it just takes time. Only really big companies let you download at full speed. I've downloaded multiple steam games which took 30-60 minutes even thought they should have been downloaded in less than one minute.
If you can't even endure the downloading process, HoN is definitely not the game for you anyways.

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This is a result of the download on the front page being very out of date and doing an abnormally large patch that isn't needed.

We're working on updating the front page installers so downloading it will get you straight into the game after its done, and potentially finally putting x64 on there sometime in the coming month (maybe)

@datfizh is right however, just go to 

 And you can play right away after installing.

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