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Don't know if its a Bug or intention, did not find it in the changelog, 

but i had 2 Midwars games today where a lot heroes where banned before we even started to ban, 
what resulted in no Overpowered inbalanced heroes in the game.


It was Fun for the first time in years.
Thx when it was intentionally and if not, dont fix it.

It makes Midwars 100% better.



Ok lets say it makes it 75% better.
U still need to do something about the russian problem.

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Well Midwars is now fun again.

If there are 40+ Unstoppable Inbalanced heroes there must be a lot of bans.
And right now we have this.


Every game is fun, no unstoppable shit or much less then usual. 
Love it



Yes i just saw there was some april fools message, 
but the heroes Banned are others then on the list.


Even if it was a joke, keep it. Its good.

Keep it


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Other games do have a similar mechanic of some autobans depending on pick rates/win rates with some rng included on top of the regular bans. Considering there are soo many heroes to play, this could be an option to implement at some point as it also adds some more variety to the game.

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