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[Release] Ranked Quickstats Tooltips mod v1.0

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This mod still has a lot of issues, but it's functional to some degree. If anyone wants to try it out and give feedback (or if any developers want to help me fix some of the issues), that would be great.


For a full list of known issues, see the README: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/blob/main/README.md#known-issues

NOTE: This MUST be installed using the Java 'All-in-one' mod manager or the latest release of the C# HoN Mod Manager.

Download the .honmod file: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/releases/download/Latest/ranked_quickstats_tooltips.honmod

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Released v0.2. This fixes two issues:

- Hero icons now all appear correctly.

- Hovering over the stats button now works properly during the banning phase of the game.

I also believe I have an idea on how to grab the recent matches. So that may be coming soon!

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I have an open feature request for this, but a lot of my code is specific to the new UI so it would be a lot of work to port it to the old UI as well: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/issues/2

Since I primarily use the new UI, i'm looking to get it 100% functional there before considering backporting it to the old UI as well.

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  • happyasthma changed the title to [Release] Ranked Quickstats Tooltips mod v1.0

There are reports that this mod does not work correctly for garena clients.

I suspect this may be because garena uses a different ranked stats table. I don't have a good way to test it myself, but ill try giving an updated version to someone in garena to see.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Installed the addon using Modman. When pressing the stats button it doesn't do anything, no popup etc. 

Works when installed with latest Modman, I thought I had latest but apparently not.

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Hey Mango,

A few things to check:

1. Are you on standard client or garena client? (The mod is known to be broken on garena. I have not had time to fix it there yet).

2. Are you using the latest version of the ModManager? Please download this version and give it a try: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/releases/tag/Latest

3. Do you have any manually created .s2z files in your HoN /game subdirectory?

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