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Cthulhuphant Cosmetic Bugs: The Sequel

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According to that thread, the fix for [King] Cthulhuphant's Trample bug at least was intended for next patch (4.9.2). Here are the bugs Cthulhuphant still has that went overlooked after I reported them:

1) King and base Cthulhuphant have opposite Trample effects.

2) Most played / Match history Cthulhuphant icon is King Cthulhuphant(alt), not base Cthulhuphant.

4.9.2 new bug (in attempt to address my prior bug report):

3) Daemon Highlord (alt6) now no longer uses "Beware my call" (currently ab4_vox) at all, and therefore does not say anything when he casts ult.
(the reference in state_self.effect is wrong)

BUT, if I may...

I recommended repurposing the old 2nd ability vox "I have found use of you" as a filler for taunt_after, because Daemon Highlord lacks a "Tremble and despair" voiceline like every other Cthulhuphant avatar. I felt taunt_after was essentially the closest to being thematically fitting for his ultimate ("This world will die"). Also saying "I have found use of you" after he kills someone can be loosely interpreted like he's using their soul in the afterlife or something of that nature(he used to say this after he killed an enemy unit with his old shield ability).

As of 4.9.2, it seems as though Frostburn intends to place "Beware my call" (ab4_vox) as his ultimate voiceline. Frostburn also repurposed "I have found use of you" as his new ab2_vox. Of course this is Frostburn's decision, but in terms of consistency and accurate sound cues, I think the current ab4_vox should remain on Obliterate.  Making alt6 Cthulhu say "I have found use of you" when he casts it is very awkward and lacks context. It also seems Frostburn is opposed to my suggestion of repurposing taunt_after ("This world will die") as his ultimate.

That's fine and understandable if so, but in that case my recommendation for the optimal voiceline placing given the aforementioned is the following:

> "Beware my call" (currently ab4_vox) should be ab2_vox.
> Daemon Highlord should say nothing when he casts ultimate, just the elephant roar(no vox).
("I have found use of you" IMO only works to replace taunt_after, not Obliterate or Dreams of Madness).

Thank you for reading

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Can you submit your proposed fixes in a zip file while maintaining file directory structure & only including the changed files?

You're quite enthusiastic about these bugs, so I thought I'd let you fix it becaus you're incredibly particular about how they should be done.

You don't have to list diffs (I can do that before committing the file), but I just need a concise list of what changes you have done.

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Say less.


EDIT2: Just changed the download because I forgot a "_" in one effect file.

I was working on a few changes already but I was waiting for this patch to submit in suggestions. Included are not only visual bugfixes but some graphical updates. If some file only has an alt5 change to it is because I was making effects for that hidden alt. I think I took out all of them.

EDIT1: Idk how to fix the Mastery icon mismatch thing.

Oh you need a list, so what should be there is:

- King and base Cthulhu no longer have Trample effects mismatched with each other.
- Trample in general spawns less models of Cthulhuphant(no longer spawning after move is over), this visual bug is a carryover from when Cthulhuphant got a Trample speed buff.
- All skins now have Maddening Revenge visuals, alt6 has a teal one because I thought it suited its theme.
- Alt6 has slightly teal ultimate graphic effect.
- Alt6 uses its taunt_after vox for Dreams of Madness, current ab2_vox for taunt_after, current ab4_vox for Obliterate.

I believe that's everything

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