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Blacksmith's Flaming Hammer Proposed Change

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Besides the current Flaming Hammer, there are proposed changes as below:

  • Flaming Hammer radius is increased to 250.
  • Flaming Hammer magic damage per second is changed to 20 and the movement speed slow is changed to be a tapering 20%.
  • Flaming Hammer magic armor reduction is replaced with attack speed slow by 10/15/20/25.
  • The primary target of Flaming Hammer grants 1 charge of Flaming Hammer, taking 0/40/80/120 Magic Damage upon receiving Blacksmith's non-DoT damage thus consuming a charge in process (DoT still remains upon consumption).
  • Chaotic Flames no longer adds Flaming Hammer radius passively each level of it.
  • Flaming Hammer is affected by Chaotic Flames' multicast by throwing additional 1/2/3 Flaming Hammer(s) per 2/3/4x multicasts from Chaotic Flames to different visible enemy units around Blacksmith's cast range or to the primary target if there is less available target around to receive the Hammer.
  • Flaming Hammer's effects stack and Flaming Hammer's charge only get consumed by one per instance of damage if there are multiple charges on target, they don't get triggered upon themselves.
  • Multicast from Fireball can consume the stacking charges of Flaming Hammer.
  • Chaotic Flames also reduces Flaming Hammer cooldown by 1/2/3 seconds.
  • There are the calculations of multicast of proposed Flaming Hammer as below.
    • A 2x Multicasts deal 40 DoT (200/240/280/320 DoT in total) & 0/80/160/240 Magic Damage from 2 charges and apply 40% tapering movement slow & 20/30/40/50 attack speed slow.
    • A 3x Multicasts deal 60 DoT (300/360/420/480 DoT in total) & 0/120/240/360 Magic Damage from 3 charges and apply 60% tapering movement slow & 30/45/60/75 attack speed slow.
    • A 4x Multicasts deal 80 DoT (400/480/560/640 DoT in total) & 0/160/320/480 Magic Damage from 4 charges and apply 80% tapering movement slow & 40/60/80/100 attack speed slow.
  • Staff of the Master's active change:
    • Renamed from Risky Cast to Blacksmith's Roll with 700 cast range, 65 mana cost, and 20 seconds cooldown.
    • Target a direction to make Blacksmith rolling at fixed 700 units to the direction with 1400 speed, granting him 15% damage reduction for 4.5 seconds upon reaching destination.
    • The roll is affected by multicast, increasing damage reduction. Though, boosted auto-attack doesn't trigger this ability.
    • The roll is affected by crowd-control effect to cancel the roll early.
    • The roll can pass through any obstacles, destroying trees in 75 radius upon his path.

Thought Process:

  • This suggestion is proposed because Flaming Hammer currently doesn't get affected by Chaotic Flames on both multicast and cooldown reduction unlike Blacksmith's other abilities.
  • Every Multicast effect on abilities have different feature currently, so it is only nature to have different Multicast mechanic proposed on Flaming Hammer.
  • Flaming Hammer is adjusted accordingly to fit the proposed multicast suggestion on it.
  • Staff of the Master is proposed to be changed because of Flaming Hammer's proposed change is enough to replace the current Staff of the Master's active.
  • The proposed Staff of the Master's active encourages Blacksmith's player to face enemies head-on to trigger Blacksmith's boosted auto-attack.

Edit: Master's Legacy Suggestions

  • Fireball: Also deals damage to enemy units in 300 radius without the stun effect.
  • Flaming Hammer: The charges also give a stacking magic armor reduction by 1.5. 
  • Frenzy: Bonus effect to self also applies to affected allies as well.


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updating master's legacy.

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