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Lightbrand and its tree have missing modifier in item description

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It's such a small thing, not sure if it qualifies as a bug either, but wanted to let you know anyway.

The description of Grimoire of Power says it has Searing + Magic Lifesteal + CD Reduction modifiers.

However, neither Lighbrand or any of the items in its tree (except grimoire) mention the Magic Lifesteal modifier in their item description, even though they give magic lifesteal.

I compared the lifesteal between 1 lightbrand and 6 lightbrands in inventory in practice mode, they don't stack, so they have the modifier it in the mechanics but it's just missing in the description part.

With love,

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Okay so they're all mentioned properly in the Simple Tooltips in the store description, just not in the actual tooltip after you bought it. So I'll fix that.

For Dawnbringer, the description is too long in the store so I won't add that in the short store description.

The others will be fixed in the upcoming patch

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