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1 Year later and nothing has changed?

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I came back to the same game i left a year ago.

same toxicity.

same feeding.

same throwing.

same petty people doing petty things.

what is it about this game that makes people rage on their own team mates for simple mistakes and in turn become toxic.

or even toxic right from the beginning.

the community is absolutely horrendous ive found and nothing has changed.

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The game has not changed because they announced more than a year ago that they were not going to launch more alt avatars or announcers or things for the game, I imagine that because they are understaffed and it is difficult to maintain a game like that with little staff, they must invest to get new avatars and with little staff because it is difficult I understand them and I am still playing.

There are many people in the community who are not toxic, I now recommend to my friends who have returned to HoN that they always play in a group so that they do not get toxic or trolls and it can be better and it is even more fun, you can find someone in the forums to be able to play without having to face the flamers, toxics and trollers

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Black sheep exist in every community, it just so happens they're more prevalent in hon. the game has always been better with friends so don't be put off by toxicity, there are a few hon communities you can join with hon reborn being one of them where you may find like-minded people who aren't toxic and with whom you would gladly play. give it a try before you put down the again because you will if you keep experiencing the same every match.

Find friends, queue together, and watch toxicity slowly Fade Out from your games. :)) just like you will, again. you know who you are

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