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Account from 2009 what i need to know

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Hi guys,

due a facebook news i came back to HON. I updated my infromations and now im installing the game. I bought and supported HON in the first days back to 2009 so anything i need to know when i want to play nearly 10 years later?

See you on battlefield....

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Off Topic discussions are for topics not directly related to HoN ;-). You could have asked that in General Discussion.

Anyways, I'll try to respond very briefly:

Since 2009 a huge lot of things have changed: Of course a lot of new/changed heroes. But there are also a bunch of changed and new items (e.g. potions don't interupt from enemy creeps anymore), different courier mechanic (everyone has now one and it's free and flying), different map (two kongors now which provide team-based, permanent buffs).
So basically there's so much that changed, you have to try it out yourself to find everything ?

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