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Yeap i got banned too

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Hi guys, i wish i was more aware, and didnt try to raise an high kdr like a freak, like i did for many years of playing this game well the challange and trying to break kdr record always keept me try harder. Yeah i didnt notice this would give me such a bann i so regret today,  i spent much on skins and stuff plenty of stats reset for almost up to 1500$ to try to reach my goal, that i so regret today, i wish i knew about this bann so i would avoid it. Well Hon was and 'll always be my nummer one game no matter what. My bann ends 2096, i better tell my grand grand children so they might contunie the legacy of my account. Guys i did this misstake, atleast if you love this game as i do, dont do the same misstake.

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10 hours ago, Hadem said:

Yeah dude, it feels bad.

Nobody's fault but your own 😕

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