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Picking Devo in Midwars

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If we can all first agree that essentially it is FAR FAR better to play a hero you are good with,
rather than take a hero you're not good with just to prevent the other team from having it.

That being Said, if you're Great with Devo, and enjoy hooking despite sometimes frustrating in MW.  This is not for you, by all means play your pick.

If you're are however, not very good at playing devo and you took it just to prevent the other team from getting it. Here is what you do.

#1 You're going to put Devo back and then select a hero you CAN play.  Hopefully not a commonly picked hero like Pyro or something so it will likely still be available

#2 Keep in your mind the hero you're going to repick, and wait for the clock to countdown.  Last 3 second, switch! and highlight your pick!

#3 Even better if the other team picks kinesis and will suddenly be left to change his whole strategy last second.

I'm very good at devo, but if I seen the Kinesis pick, then for sure I switch last second.  OH THE JOY!

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Although true, Which is exactly is what practice mode is for.

I thought of this,  but you're also practicing at the expense of others. That is a Toxic Debate.
Isn't that exactly the problem of all Mobas?  The learning curve is steep, and you can't report someone from playing bad or playing not the way you want them to.
Losing isn't a big deal if you get out played, but the feeling of losing games you shouldn't or going from huge leads to losing.  You can't help but feel a wasted time investment. This post is about bettering your chances at winning. When the game starts is usually too late to teach anything.  You can quickly discus item builds or patch updates with another veteran player but that's not really teaching.

(As far as the Tier system, it certainly doesn't help when people smurf, nor does it take account of people pub training.  
Some silvers really are silvers, and some will beat a diamond.  MMR really means nothing.  Everyone has seen awful 1800's go like 2 - 25)

Otherwise making an argument like, but this is more fun, or cooler looking.  Those arguments would be endless.

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You can't learn a hero in practice. Even bot matches will only teach you the very basics. The only way to get better is playing against actual competition. If you recognize a hero is strong and you want to learn to play it, go for it. Mid Wars being a no stat mode is exactly the place for players to learn how to play heroes they don't have much experience with.

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Would it be better if Banning Phase in Midwars would be RNG and not by players? I mean, SD mode RNG sometimes gives the enemy team the perfect setup and it doesn't seem quite fair, however, it's RNG. 


Ban Devo/Flint/Prisoner and other high % banned heroes by players, on a weekly basis: 1 week auto-banned , 1 week auto-cannot-ban. Or something like that.

Just a thought, don't throw yourselves at my neck. 

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