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List of Datfizh's Suggestion Thread

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Attack Speed Reduction Resistance seems to be a potential mechanic to be added into the game. Though, the short discussion so far in Balance Dump implies the idea requiring a lot of work in order to implement the idea. (Updated @10/08/21) 

The introduction of Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction opens up new possibility for opposite mechanic to exist. This thread proposes new mechanic to make the game more interesting to play. (Updated @ 04/04/21)

Current bonus attribute arguably is a filler choice to be picked when a hero is leveled up. This thread suggests the change(s) to make it interesting to be picked up. (Updated @ 04/15/21)

Bashing properties looks fine as mechanic currently but the limitation given seems not enough to warrant the benefit it gives and it is hard to be balanced by changing the numbers alone. This thread suggests a complete change of bashing properties mechanically. (Updated @ 03/26/21)

Intelligence arguably is least favored attribute over the other two. This thread suggests the change of what intelligence attribute can possibly do to compete with the other two attributes. (Updated @ 10/11/20)

Proposed Items


It is just a post suggesting new items for Midwars because items on Midwars are slightly toned down than items on Forest of Caldavar so perhaps it is possible to have items exclusively for Midwars. (Updated @ 02/19/21)

3 brands of attributes looks great in this game, so how about if the game adds another brand? This thread suggests the fourth brand by using raw attack items as its focus. (Updated @ 11/07/20)

Original poster wondered whether Iron Shield should be have its other attributes version or not, like Steamboots or Soulscream Ring's variants. This post suggests additional items as a counterpart to Iron Shield inspired by that thread. (Updated @ 04/20/21)

In PBT Game

Midnight Morningstar doesn't make it into retail game yet as a few items introduced on PBT game, unlike Armor of the Mad Mage and Arcane Bomb. This thread suggests the optional version of Midnight Morningstar because PBT version of it seems unlikely fitting into the retail game. (Updated @ 01/24/21)

In Normal Game

As the name implies, this thread suggests things thematically far-fetched to one another but they need to be on same thread at once to give the bigger picture of the purpose such suggestions. Additionally, it also contains complicated things. (Updated @ 04/19/21)

Faux Bow finally gets implemented but the developer decides to keep its active as PBT version that is pretty much inflexible for me. This thread proposes a optional change on Faux Bow active so the item isn't as inflexible as it is currently on its active. (Updated @ 09/25/21)

Grimoire of Power's current active is a temporary change admitted itself by the developer on recent patch notes. This thread suggests a possibly interesting change to Grimoire of Power's new active to really have synergy to its current passive. (Updated @ 04/17/21)

Sol's Bulwark at its first introduction into retail game arguably caused balance issues until now. So, this thread suggests changes to mitigate the issues without removing Sol's Bulwark from the game. (Updated @ 04/17/21)

Codex arguably weak item not worth the cost because its stats and active less likely cover the gold spent unlike most items in the game. This post proposes optional utility on active so the item has another appealing feature besides as burst damage item. (Updated @ 02/16/21)

Armor of the Mad Mage is arguably still weak item with less defining feature after recent change on it over any items with similar benefit per cost. This post suggests an additional effect on Armor of the Mad Mage so it hopefully can compete other items. (Updated @ 01/24/21)

An implemented suggestion but only partial of it. Nevertheless, perhaps in the future it gets fully implemented. (Updated @ 03/09/21)

Bloodborne Maul is just another damage item but it requires extra effort unlike others. This thread suggests the change to make Bloodborne Maul having other benefits than just as damage item of extra effort. (Updated @ 01/03/20)

Voltstone is the item with unusual upgrade's feature as same as Whispering Helm to Symbol of Rage. This thread proposes the major changes on Voltstone and its line of items so Voltstone has another build route to be chosen. (Updated @ 04/08/21)

Whispering Helm's potential ability to dominate creep gets wasted on its upgrade, Symbol of Rage. This thread suggests few changes to make Whispering Helm a standalone item as starter. (Updated @ 10/09/20)

Whispering Helm's potential ability to dominate creep gets wasted on its upgrade, Symbol of Rage. This thread proposes few changes to make creep domination on Whispering Helm no longer wasted by Symbol of Rage as its upgrade. (Updated @ 04/09/21)

Jade Spire have changed differently than its original iteration to be a cast range amplifier but range amplifier in general shifts game balance. This thread suggests another complete rework of this item to be an offensive tool replacing Soultrap. (Updated @ 10/21/21)

Currently Removed/Shelved

Halberd used to be existed in the retail game back then and PBT game tries reliving it but unfortunately it doesn't make it into the game until now. This thread suggests to combine both removed Halberd on retail game and its version on PBT game. (Updated @ 04/07/21)

Merrick Bounty used to be an item to generate gold and gets replaced by Orb of Zamos. This thread proposes the change on Merrick Bounty to help suicide role. (Updated @ 02/17/21)

Fortuna's Dice is unknown item exist in game directory. This thread suggests this item to exist in the game. (Updated @ 01/24/21)

Hack & Slash were a rebranded Firebrand and Icebrand. This thread proposes new caster items to farm creeps because Voltstone feels weak to be a farming item. (Updated @ 10/21/21)

Proposed Heroes


Midas currently is another burst hero than he used to be because his primary attribute change surely affects the behavior of player to play him. This post offers some changes to make his primary attribute revert justified so he is less likely to be another burst hero as he used to be. (Updated @ 04/19/21)

Kane's Defensive Might is a contrast to his other mode in term of its capability to scale and somehow this mode is unlikely to be picked over other mode because of that reason. This thread proposes the change on Defensive Might so it has same capability to scale as Kane's other mode. (Updated @ 04/06/21)

Flint Beastwood arguably is on good spot to get himself played on high bracket game because of his current changes. This thread suggests the alternative version of Flint Beastwood's current changes. (Updated @ 04/18/21)

Blacksmith arguably still struggle to find his spot to competitive play and his Flaming Hammer doesn't get multicast effect yet. This thread proposes the idea of Flaming Hammer to have multicast effect so hopefully it helps Blacksmith to have good spot competitively. (Updated @ 04/19/21)

Berzerker currently is another strength carry with no redeeming feature besides his ultimate to counter most crowd-control abilities with the risk follows. This thread suggests the idea to make the risk of his ultimate an additional feature besides his anti crowd-control effect. (Updated @ 03/26/21)

Enlightenment is arguably too strong against traditional carry with less effort from Qi to invest and Qi is too much as niche pick with no redeeming feature outside of countering those traditional heroes. This thread proposes the ideas to make Qi viable normally without removing his redeeming feature. (Updated @ 03/11/21)

Nomad's design as hero controversially is problematic to be adjusted on numbers alone. This thread suggests several changes as an alternative to his current design. (Updated @ 10/21/21)

Amun-Ra loses his redeeming feature to have carry potential as he used to be. This thread proposes change on his Ignite ability to no longer have 'tank hard, hit hard' behavior and also grant him carry potential. (Updated @ 04/06/21)

Klanx arguably only has his omni-walking as his redefining feature over any heroes and his potential feature is somehow not utilized well. This thread suggests changes to make Klanx's mobility more fleshed out. (Updated @ 04/17/21)

Zephyr has his spot to the game but the original poster of this thread insisted to propose some changes on him. This post only suggests an alternative version of what the original poster proposed. (Updated @ 03/28/21)

Devourer arguably is the hero available in the game for the sake of legacy because he doesn't actually excel on particular lane phase over any other heroes. This thread suggests the changes to make him a strong pick over any heroes with similar mechanic. (Updated @ 04/17/21)

Drunken Master is still placed on top 10 lowest win rate possibly because some of recent changes. This thread proposes some changes so hopefully Drunken Master will manage to get out of the top 10 lowest win rate. (Updated @ 04/20/21)

Recent change on Rhapsody's Dance Floor makes that ability has similar mechanic as Geomancer's Earth Grasp. This thread suggests the comeback of old iteration Geomancer's Earth Grasp itself so it will no longer similar to Rhapsody's Dance Floor mechanically. (Updated @ 02/01/21)

Witch Slayer's Power Drain is annoying ability to enemy with limited mana but somehow useless later on, in addition of his other abilities are much better picked early game to make Power Drain at tight spot. This suggestion proposes Power Drain to scale at all stage of the game and additional change on his Staff to have synergy with Power Drain. (Updated @ 03/26/21)

Arachna's Precision used to be an aura ability but no more because Flint Beastwood has taken it over on recent patch. This thread suggests to bring back Arachna's aura ability with different mechanic so Flint can still have his current aura he stole from Arachna. (Updated @ 01/29/21)

Pyromancer's Phoenix Wave shares similarity with Defiler's Wave of Death and his staff effect is straight damage boost with fancy area damage. This thread proposes the changes about aforementioned issues. (Updated @ 01/13/21)

Deadlift's Resurrection seems powerful ability on paper but the realization somehow makes the situation after using the ability differs less. This thread suggests the change on how Resurrection works. (Updated @ 01/16/21)

Torturer's Chain Reaction shares similarity with Pyromancer's Dragonfire. This thread proposes additional benefit from Chain Reaction to differs it from Dragonfire more. (Updated @ 04/08/21)

Draining Venom is good ability because it is viable but it is straight forward ability so it wastes its potential to be better ability utilizing Parasite's mechanic to manipulate buff/debuff. This thread suggests the change to Draining Venom so it utilizes the buff/debuff mechanic. (Updated @ 12/30/20)

Chronos' Rewind is arguably an unreliable ability to sustain Chronos' survivability because of RNG and often it gets skipped over bonus attribute. This thread proposes a new active to Chronos' rewind so it'll less RNG reliant to make the ability works to Chronos' sake. (Updated @ 04/08/21)

Vorax used to be underpowered and it seems still but at least it scales better than its early iteration. This thread suggests additional utility Vorax could offer in order to give Skrap's team an advantage in split-pushing. (Updated @ 02/03/21)

Night Hound's invisibility seems underdeveloped in its potential design. This thread proposes complete change on Invisibility and other abilities as well to support the change so Night Hound has his niche as a hero. (Updated @ 04/08/21)


This thread suggests some changes on Defiler to bring back her old ability in a way. (Updated @ 10/08/21)

Dampeer's recent buff makes him somehow viable to the game but his playstyle is still lack of reliable momentum. This thread proposes the changes to try reducing the issue while also keeping his overall design intact. (Updated @ 04/19/21)

Keeper of the Forest is already good hero competitively at tournament but current changes on him feels like a band-aid change to make him viable. This thread suggests alternative changes on him so he may specialize in one thing better at early level. (Updated @09/25/21)

Draconis' is already good hero competitively at tournament but his design around volcano mechanic feels less explored. This thread proposes changes that isn't too far-fetched than he currently is in order to explore his design around utilizing volcano more on destroyed tower's location. (Updated @09/25/21)

Gravekeeper arguably faces some issues to make him not picked in competitive scene. This post suggests complete change of him so hopefully he will be viable in competitive scene. (Updated @ 04/19/21)

This thread is an outdated thread suggesting the change on problematic design of Adrenaline's first iteration. (Updated @ 10/01/20)

Artillery is one of annoying hero hardly to have his issues solved via changing the numbers alone. This suggestion proposes the change on Artillery's entire kit, mixed by his old iteration. (Updated @ 04/18/21)

New iteration of Nitro is still hard to deal with in lane phase even after several adjustment on her because her entire kit limits her opponent to react if her opponent has no mobility kit to avoid her combo. This thread suggests the change on Nitro's entire kit while retaining herself currently. (Updated @ 01/30/21)

Currently auto-attacker and physical-damage spellcaster need extra effort to counter high health regeneration opponent. This thread proposes a simple change on Spell Sunder so it is available to all type of heroes. (Updated @ 04/16/21)

Magebane by design is not good hero to be only tweaked via numbers alone in order to make him viable into the game. This thread proposes an easy change to mitigate the issue and additional changes as personal reference. (Updated @ 04/17/21)

Blood Hunter arguably is frustrating to play and to be played against because the clunky mechanic of Feast. This thread proposes the changes on Blood Hunter so he will hopefully be viable in competitive scene. (Updated @ 04/18/21)

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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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