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Homepage - A small update with big impact

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Hey guys,

Sorry if this isn't the place to post this, but I couldn't find any other thread related to "suggestions", even if this isn't specifically game related.

So, as we all know, the homepage https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/ hasn't been updated in a long while, and I think that is pretty sad. Every time I visit the website to download the client, or to go to the forum, or the RAP, I am met by the sad fact that HoN isn't what it once used to be.

So my suggestion is the following:
- Replace the large HonTour / News section with something new. Maybe a text with some information about HoN? A link to the new forum and discord?
- Remove the recent heroes and recent avatars sections.

That's it! With those small changes, there are no more traces of immediate outdated content on the home page

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The short answer is that everyone on the development team knows. The frontend is largely coupled with the backend with the really old PHP framework we are using, so unfortunately we cannot update that any time soon (old tech stack problems).

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