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[Suggestion] Time zone in Start and End date

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Just a small feature to put in the time zone in the start and end date

Your Heroes of Newerth account has been suspended.
Start: 202x-xx-xx 15:21:35 EST
End: 202x-xx-xx 15:21:35 EST
Type: Regular
Name: 3-day suspension
Note: If the suspension name contains a "then" action, this new suspension will automatically be applied after your current suspension ends.
Note: If you are suspended for a bad nickname, you must wait until the Type becomes "Bad nickname" before you can change the nickname.

Found another thread that were having  the same problems related to this suggestion

If you want to spice that up, I saw a GM link to Wolfram Alpha with the time, that way people can click that link and easy see what their local time is compared to that time. And they can also see exactly how long time left they have on their ban (so the link is really only useful for the end date)

I believe the linked looked a little like this:

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