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VPOG SERIES | Heroes of Newerth #1 | March 13-14 (SIGNUPS OPEN)

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Matches will be played on Saturday the 13th of March 2021. Semifinals and finals will be held on Sunday 14th of March 2021. (Exact time of the day to be announced)


The VPOG team is excited to announce the first (of many) community tournaments! Heroes of Newerth, one of our favourite MOBA games became the obvious first game in the VPOG Series. 

Since this is our first official tournament, it will lay the groundwork for our community. Therefore we want all participants and followers to have a good time, be friendly and hone their competitive skills.

The tournament will be streamed on Twitch. (Casters to be announced)

The minimum amount of team signup required to host the tournament is 8. 


1st: €250 + 7500 Gold Coins (In-game Currency)
2nd: €150 + 5000 Gold Coins (In-game Currency)
3rd: €100 + 2500 Gold Coins (In-game Currency)


Forests of Caldavar

Game Mode:
Captains pick

Game Options:
Tournament Rules

All Items are Allowed

- EU vs EU: EU server
- (BO3) EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (Random)
- (BO5) EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (EU), Fourth game(USE), Fifth game (Random)
- EU vs USW: USE server
- EU vs AUS: USE server
- US vs US: US server
- US vs AUS: USE server
- AUS vs AUS: AUS server
- LAT based teams: register as USW
- CIS based teams: register as EU 

SUB players:
2 substitute players are allowed.

Game format:
All games will be played in a best of three (BO3) format, exception for the finals which will be best of five (BO5).

Remakes & Disconnects:
Before any action on remaking a game, captains or someone from the team need to speak with the tour admin.
If the game crashes or has been remade after the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby with AP.
If the game crashes in the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby and the game will go from the beginning.

Lobby time:
All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after the start time from the schedule above and will cause a Team Elimination

About registration:
All players need to join the Discord server & register in the form on our site to be able to attend the VPOG Series Tournaments. Team Captains will be getting a special Discord role to be able to attend the text channel for the tournament.


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