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Warchief Spirit Walk Bug

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Couldn't find a post about this, and because it's my main hero, it's incredibly frustrating:

Occasionally when you cast Spirit Walk, a bug occurs where your main character walks towards the first movement click you make on the Spirit, thus, instead of standing stationary channeling, he walks towards the spirit.

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Warchief W 2: Electric Boogaloo

I've been trying this out after reading about this bug in Discord and I think I figured it out, it's not a 100% consistent because I think you have to be (nearly?) frame perfect with it. Presumably this happens slightly more often with a higher latency, but it is not required and works in practice mode.

If you issue a command to Warchief in the frame(s) after his skill clears his order queue (and before you gain control over his spirit?), Warchief will attempt to complete this action. It does not work if you do it while/too quickly after pressing W, as well as after you can order the spirit around.

Not all actions seem to work, simply moving never triggers this behavior. Ordering an attack also does not seem to work, I think this is because the spirit cannot actually attack anything and the bug will not trigger if the spirit cannot do the action.

The following actions (that I've tested) work:

  • Targeting an allied structure to move to it
  • Targeting an allied unit to move to it
  • Targeting an allied gadget to move to it (including Warchief's totems)
  • Targeting a dropped item
  • Taunting an enemy hero
  • Targeting an enemy unit with an item (tested with Logger's Hatchet on an enemy creep, Codex on an enemy hero)
  • Issuing your hero to drop an item

This means that if you issue one of the above commands at the right time, right after casting Spirit Walk, Warchief will attempt to complete this action while his spirit is already out. These seem to be the same actions as before Warchief was patched, but the timing is a lot stricter.

If you can't replicate it, I'm willing to get a replay file or upload a video to Youtube if you'd like.

I also noticed some behavior unrelated to this bug, but it seems undesirable and easy to fix so I will include it as well. If you issue an attack command on an enemy with your spirit it will not do anything (or continue to finish its previous action). I assume because it cannot actually attack. It would be desirable to have the spirit at least attempt to follow the target so it moves.

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