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I got my account back 1 week ago and they suspended again for 2 months

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the truth is that I no longer understand anything about the game recently they returned my account that was suspended for 1 month, and after 1 week of having recovered my account they suspended me again for 2 months everything because I used the word Veneco to a Venezuelan and They took it as discrimination, and the Venezuelan user was insulting me throughout the game through the microphone and they did not take that into account, well then I tried to explain it but no matter how much I explain they do not take me into consideration and reject me, here In my country, that word has nothing offensive, it is a simple word, everything I do I always take it badly, I try to explain it well but I don't speak English which hurts me and I try to translate and I see that the translation goes wrong, My account has many suspensions, and it seems that you no longer care about a person who has a lot of suspension, that for me it is not good that my account is suspended when I have spent to have everything I have today? I would not sacrifice my account to have my account suspended for several months. Keep in mind that in the game there are suicide trolls, AFK, but they do not take them into account, since I have met many of them to harm their team, take into consideration that one would not harm their account and not them insults because one wants, now they tell me that I use discriminatory words, keep in mind that it is a simple word towards a person here in my country.  and sorry for the translation I hope you can understand and do not take the wrong. and thanks for your attention and you can understand me

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Firstly discussing suspensions here is against the rules and second, there is nothing hard to understand. you served 1 month suspension then you came back and resumed your offensive behavior, and therefore you were found guilty and suspended again thus the 2 month-suspension!
While for you that word means nothing and might not be offensive, for others is very offensive. 
So he was offensive towards you, and therefore it was needed for you to grief back?, and now you come here to do what? to ask what?
Whatever you are trying to do here will not change anything about your current suspension!


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in the first place I had no idea if it was a good place to say what you think, and say what you don't think. And on the other hand, when I say all this, it seems to you that it is to cry? I really don't know what to think of you anymore, I think that the hatred you have and you don't know how to just give an answer, you don't know how to appreciate the opinions of others and see what other solution you can see and by saying this I'm not trying to evade suspension do not misinterpret I just want the opportunity to correct myself and be able to play calm, keep in mind this was the first time I said that and I had no idea that it was really offensive, just that you can not understand? take that into account and I can see well the game what such a player does and everything he says, but for saying a word that I had no idea that it was offensive they suspended me, could you give me a chance to correct?

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The administration of the hon one always objectively considers the appeal and always appoints a fair punishment. So just be polite to the players or don't communicate at all. No one forces you to listen to someone in the game. To do this, you can either restrict the player's voice, or add it to the blacklist altogether and continue playing.

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