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Fayde Shadow Walk (E) and Single Target Abilities

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I knew something has been going on with Shadow Walk (E) but I finally have a replay, I've been under it's effects multiple times but have still been targeted by single target effects.


Match ID: 160901552

Replay Time: Around 13:05 (Replay time, not Ingame)

Fayde gets hooked by Devourer, activates Shadow Walk immediately after the hook as it has 0 cast point and 0 cast time, but still gets Ulted by Devo.

I tried to replicate it in Practice with Queued commands but I have been unable to. This has happened a bunch of times with single target abilities and Shadow Walk, but I don't seem to know why it works that way. If I figure out more replication steps I'll post them but I know for a fact this has happened to me way more than once. I'm wondering if a Disjoint Call or a Fractional Invuln frame like Geos would help.

I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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