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MMR decay / lose / bug since the new patch.

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Hi. Since the new patch you are literally losing MMR for nothing and the MMR is spiking all over the place.

The pics under this shows what i mean.

My 1st match a win i was 50% on gold 2 (~1655). After another win i somehow drop to 25% on gold 2 (1640) which also tranforms in the profile.

The pictures show exactly what i mean. No other games got played. No leaves in both games. 2 in a row wins, but a loss of 25% on the ranking level.







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I think it has something to do with the server the 2nd game was played on. My mmr before that game was going right and adding up. The last game at first didn't upload in the profile at all and after like 10 hours or so, it got uploaded finally, but dropped my MMR significant.

I played now more games and the MMR got counted on the low number, not on the high one. Somehow that 1 game with the win, dropped my MMR by about 20.

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