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Ignore/Banlist mark

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Guys I'm about to enlighten you with a wonderful idea! (hope so :P)

In my previous post regarding this topic you people made me realize that what I was hoping to obtain may be hard to implement.

So here's the new thing:
What if, instead of avoiding games with ignored or banlisted players, the system simply tells you with a message that a player was ignored or banlisted and he is now playing with or against you?

This would be good for 2 reasons:
First, you get warned that you are in a game with players you have ignored/banlisted and who knows? you might get along with them this time and might even make peace! It's about giving a second chance!
Second, by receving a notification that a certain player in your team is ignored, you will take that into consideration during the picking phase. Thus, it will help avoiding misunderstanding like two players going mid because one didn't see the other call mid because was on ignore. (personal experience)

I believe a simple message telling you that, is a an easy thing to implement!

Let me know what you think @datfizh @TruLeLiLoLOL and anyone else!

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but the "notify me if someone in my banlist is in my team" is already present and implemented in the ignore function... (look at the reddened voice chat symbols)


About the banlist thing: if people starts banlisting other people around, there will soon rise a "network" of mutually excluded players that will prevent matchmaking to build up teams. Especially with such a low player base like hon has ^^

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sorry for the late reply.
I did not know that and certainly I have never noticed a notification about players being in my banlist/ignore list.
I get your point about the banlist thing TruLe, it just saddens me that Hon seems to have a "low player base". 
I love Hon so much that if it were for me it would be at the top.
Take care

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