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4.9.1 - Pre-release discussion

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I use magebane simply as an example on how heros that were strictly considered as deep late game carry can snowball as you prefere to label it from laning phase. Even people can play him suicide. That was simply not possible before, at least how I remember things.

Further, I never said carry are less significant late game. The problem is how much better they are early/mid game. Of course if you discuss the small bracket of top players or top teams it will not matter because both sides actually already max/min everything in such a way that it doesnt matter. But problems occurs differently down the road.

Also, I might be a little biased. I still strongly belive that junglers should have less inpact on the game. You might say that these heros will never be picked in top games then, but as emphasized above with the example of draco, he can be played in lane so its not realy a big deal anyway. Just imagine an ophelia tweaked in such a way that she are valuable as a laning partner with a side threat to pickup minions as a situational tool. This was just a random example, however, there is choices which can turn the game away from some of the most toxic situations and still have a good balanced games for the few top players. As some hero and roles cause more frustrations than others. I doubt I need to say what kind of heros and roles I personally experience as highly frustrating and a source of toxicity in many games.

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If he is not "broken", why do you nerf him so hard in the beginning as if he was a godtier pick?   It wasn't really a hero that people didn't complain about in the first place, I think if so

This is a huge nerf imo.   I love the damage reduction nerf on it but pure supports suffer from the gold increase. It's such an expensive pickup. imo not quite understandable.  

I made some changes to Shadowblade to this upcoming patch:  We are also making another Region Selection quality-of-life improvement 🙂 

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