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Proposing Prophet Proposal.

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Dude's terrible, all over the place, and quite clunky to use. Mainly because his ult is simultaneously too good and terrible. He's forced to hold back from using his spells casually due to the prospect of missing out on everything when his ult is off cooldown but his other spells are not.

So i'm trying to remedy this, with some extra fixes with some problems i have with the hero.


Proposing changes:

Q: Debilitate: Damage reduced to 80/120/160/200. Cooldown increased to 12s. Debilitate effect increases damage taken rescaled to 6/9/12/15%, its duration increased to 6s. Leaves a mark when purged.

W: Invigorate: Attack speed buff reduced to 40/50/60/70 for the next 2/3/4/5 attacks.

E: Persecution: Deals initial 50 damage and 0.5s stun. Persecution duration increased to 6s, effect changed to: stuns for 0.5s when attacked by a hero, up to 1/2/3/4 times, each time after the first has 50% stun duration. (In total 0.5s + 0.5s + 0.25s*3 = 1.75s); increases attack damage taken from Prophet by 15/20/25/30, from other heroes by 5/10/15/20. (none from illusions to prevent abuse). Leaves a mark when purged.

R: Shared Fate: Duration rescaled to 6s at all levels. On top of the current effects, propagate any existing Debilitate and Persecution from any affected unit in range to all valid heroes upon cast with full duration/effect. Cooldown increased to 150/120/90s. Manacost reduced to 120/200/260(~ish). Fully propagates Debilitate and Persecution from marks even if the debuffs are purged from target.



- Q's cooldown and duration are increased to match E, in order to create a time frame of 6s after using basic spells where Prophet can still use his ult, this allows him to not sit back and do nothing because it there hasn't been 5 heroes on your screen yet. And if these 6s were to pass, Prophet will have a 6s downtime before he can unleash his full combo, this amounts to 50% uptime that you and your enemies can play around.

- E was changed to last full 6s duration in order to make the new ult idea work. Changing the damage from 50 per proc to increase attack damage taken has 2 reasons besides that, one is to increase Prophet's sustain damage presence, i've been wanting to push hero ideas that gain more value the longer you stay in the fight to create a counter to burst meta. Two is to directly decrease Prophet's burst damage with his ult during his stun combo, pushing part of the damage after the fact allows his enemies to shut him down while Prophet can still retain his damage potential.

- On top of the overall stun duration increase - which matches his old value btw, i know the first proc being 0.5s might seem weird, but there's a good reason for it. Without another lane mate with cc or max level Invigorate, Prophet has a hard time getting all the stun procs off, which defeats the purpose of it being a stun. Making the first proc 0.5s not only allows E to be a functional 1 pointer, it makes Prophet effective even when alone, allowing him to position himself better to proc subsequent stuns, unlike how currently enemies just walk away from him.

- W got rescaled, with less attack speed increase overall, because incidentally this spell is busted, yet Prophet's still in the gutter only because everything else is horrible. Changed to 2+ attacks because giving massive speed to 1 attack feels so horrible i feel obligated to level it up further to not feel horrible, which is bad game design.

- R being a concern and reason why Prophet is kept at the state he is, with the rest of his spells being improved to feel better and more functional on their own, got its cooldown increased to reflect its impact in the game. Making it available every team fight while keeping prophet horrible made him a one trick pony and was a bad decision in my opinion. Though it's not all pluses, as i've said above the changes also lessen the ult's immediate impact. Manacost reduced because it was way too high.



- I spread out Prophets values from his ult to make him less problematic, yet more robust, fluid and functional.

- Big change to mechanic to allow Prophet to use ult even after using his Q and E, eliminating the frustrating limitation that encourages you to be passive, sit back and do nothing.

- An overall buff with my own design as he's definitely too weak atm.

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Time to give an alternative suggestion:


Besides the Prophet's current state, there are proposed changes:

  • Change all attributes to be identical to Puppet Master's.

Besides the current state of Debilitate, there are proposed changes:

  • Change to be the third ability.
  • Change the application of Debilitate charge into -16/-24/-32/-40% Base Attack Damage and 0/-10/-20/-30 Attack Speed.
  • The charge is reduced if the affected unit attacks and 5 Debilitate stacks are available to be split out at all levels.
  • Change the target scheme to self position so the ability affects all enemy heroes in 650 radius.
  • Stacks are split among enemy heroes within radius by a minimum 1 stack is applied on them.

Besides the current state of Invigorate, there are proposed changes:

  • Change the number of imbued attacks to 1/1/2/2 attacks.
  • Also heals 20/25/25/30 health upon attacking with the imbued attack, in addition to bonus attack speed.
  • Change the heal amount to 75 health.
  • Resets attack time upon receiving the effect.
  • Apply the effect to all allied heroes within radius.

Besides the current state of Persecution, there are proposed changes:

  • Change to be the first ability.
  • Static magic damage on trigger is replaced with 12/24/24/36% bonus damage taken as physical damage, still only trigger on auto-attack.
  • 5 Persecution stacks are available at all levels but the mini-stun scales to 0/0/0.25/0.25 second.
  • Change the target scheme to self position so the ability affects all enemy heroes in 650 radius.
  • Stacks are split among enemy heroes within radius by a minimum 1 stack is applied on them.

Besides the current state of Shared Fate, there are proposed changes:

  • Change the name to Exile.
  • Change the target scheme to target unit with 575 cast range.
  • Targets an enemy hero or structure to activate Exile aura and apply push immunity on target from Prophet's Exile aura.
  • Exile aura pushes away enemy units but the target within 650 radius to Prophet by 150/200/250 units per second.
  • Exile aura doesn't push enemies further if they can't pass the obstacles (cliffs, trees, buildings) through walking.
  • Both target and other enemy units in radius receives 50% movement speed slow.
  • Prophet's attack range is increased by 150/200/250 during Exile's duration.
  • The aura effect lasts 3.5/5/6.5 seconds but manually ends upon reactivating this ability again after 1.5 seconds of activation. The aura effect also ends early if Prophet dies.
  • Change the cooldown and mana cost to 50/40/30 seconds and 120/165/210 respectively.
  • Staff boost (eliminating current effects): Target is also restrained during Exile and first activation immediately pushes away enemies but target from Prophet at 1950 speed, taking 1.5 seconds Fear (losing control and running aimlessly with no slow effect).
  • This ability doesn't stack, only refreshes the duration on multiple usage.

Thought Process:

  • This proposed suggestion gives unique playstyle and niche favorability to Prophet.
  • This proposed suggestion simplifies Prophet's playstyle but provides difficulty to maximize his potential.
  • This proposed suggestion still retains most of Prophet's current abilities.

On-topic commentary: I like the suggestion. If I might propose the easy buff (apart from your suggestion), I'd give the ultimate upon cast a cooldown reset to all Prophet basic abilities. The benefit of cooldown reset could be placed on Staff of the Master if it's too strong to default ultimate.

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self-made suggestion

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

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Not sure about numbers suggestions, but there are some things that, from my perspective, could be changed to make Prophet feel better to play:

1. Change Invigorate back to a targeted spell. From my experience, right now feels really clunky to use for a spell that has 800 radius. While it might be fine during laning phase, as soon as Prophet is with more than 1 teammate, he has to position in a restrictive and sometimes poorly way to get the spell to affect the desired teammate. If I recall correctly, it got changed to the current way after the Prophet revert, but not sure what was the reasoning to remove the targeting.

2. Change the ult from a self-target position spell to an aura one, similar to Ichor's ult. Current huge ult with a one time activation feels counter-intuitive, since the first part reduces the important of positioning, while the second part forces you to wait for a perfect setup to get the best of the skill. Allowing Prophet to have more control of who to affect during teamfights will also flow better with the propagation aspect of the ult. I think a radius of 700 could work well.

3. The addional change that ties all together. While Prophet has his ult active, change the targeting type of the spells to self position. No more need to target a unit after using your ult, which certainly could be clunky since all the units under your ult are supposed to be affected anyways. This way, your three initial spells will be synchronized in how to apply them.


As an additional comment, while I get that the propagation of Prophet's attack can synergize with the rest of his kit, up till this day, I dont really like that part of the ability. would prefer if it could also propagate Prophet's item target activation instead, which is also another way of scalling, though it could be really strong 😛

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