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Would it be possible to move the guide system into the game client?

Currently, when making guides you have to swap back & forth between the site and the game to check what the current up-to-date stats are for items, and their recipes.
Within the game client is also the only way to see detailed hero stats/ability tooltips, although there are some discrepancies there as well with some abilities descriptions from the learning section in the client not showing all of the information, with only the in-game ability tooltips showing certain details.
This tabbing back and forth reminded me of playing Subnautica, and of someone's criticism of Subnautica where they said something like "Any time someone needs something from your game and has to tab out to find it, is a failure in the game's design."

While kind of harsh, I can see a point in that, hence this suggestion.

Estimated Skill Requirements
- User Interface design
- Graphic Design
- Scripting

Part of me is just wondering how complicated/difficult it would be.
I'm not too familiar with coding, but depending on how easy or difficult it is, I wonder if it could be a tutorial project for myself as I'm trying to learn more about coding with the goal of becoming proficient.
It's worth noting that this is not crucial.
The existing systems get the job done, even if the site's guide creator is missing items and icons.
However, the more time goes on honestly the more I believe in this game and want to see it become the best it can be. Maybe I could teach myself to make mods, and if they're good enough they could be added to the game? Who can say.

Anyways, cheers guys, especially you devs.
Yours is often a thankless task. You're doing the Lord's work out here 👼🙏

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