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Fortuna's Dice: Bringing Shelved Item to Surface

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Once a forgotten item in Newerth's realm shows its appearance as Lady Fortuna's law of retribution on deciding one's luck.

Components: Lex Talionis (1200g) + Snake Bracelet (1100g) = 2300 gold (can be disassembled)
Stats: 5 armor + 15% base damage
Passive: Aura (2 armor + 1 mana regeneration) + 25% Evasion (Evasion Modifier)

  • Either applies 25% Evasion, +15% base damage, and +5 Armor to allied target or applies 25% Miss Chance, -15% base damage, and -5 Armor to enemy target for 8 seconds. 
  • Removes 25% Evasion, 15% base damage and 5 armor to self for 8 seconds, dispelling the effect from self if the target dies early.
  • Has 1000 cast range and 8 seconds cooldown (Overwriting Lex Talionis effect).

Thought Process:

  • Inspired by old Solar Crest from Dota 2.
  • Supportive type of Wingbow because of the similarity in giving the evasion, armor, and damage.
  • An alternate item to Spiked Bolas because it disables enemy's attack slightly and few benefits against target relying on auto-attack to trade hits.
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few detailed description and fix misleading title

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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  • datfizh changed the title to Fortuna's Dice: Shelved Item
  • datfizh changed the title to Fortuna's Dice: Bringing Shelved Item to Surface

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