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Cthulhuphant [4.8.6] ?.

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Love this hero and have had no small part in making him what he is today, but as I look at him I feel like he has fallen on the wayside (with a ~45% Win Rate in normal mode games). Between the changes to the game as a whole and an erosion of his identity, my favourite Non-Euclidean Elephant has (outside of a few competitive games) become pretty much outdated as an initiator and as a jungler. While he has gained some number changes as of late (mainly to the cooldown of Obliterate W and Dreams of Madness R), and they have helped, he lacks a presence and more importantly a niche that other initiators hold. He does not have the huge disruption that Behemoth offers, the slipperiness of Magmus, the massive area stun on Apex, or the carrying potential of Maliken, he is ultimately a hero who tramples in once, does some AoE damage and hopes to survive long enough to trigger a disable on R (which, truth be told is a decent payoff, but isn't particularly engaging as the Cthulhuphant player).

While none of the following are changes that I feel are required, https://ometv.onl https://chatroulette.top https://omegle.wtf https://bazoocam.cam I'm proposing the following to help maintain his identity and playstyle. In the area below I will try to make him a more disruptive hero with the ability to peel for allies, as well as giving him a unique playstyle that revolves around his facing abilities and dampening autoattack damage to allies and himself.

My thoughts will be detailed after the changes as well as in the end.





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Is this a sockpuppet or something?

This is just a straight up copied and pasted post of mine, minus any of the possible changes to E. Though it should be noted that his Win Rate has skewed closer to 50% since then; though my opinion on E stands.


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I need to know something, Newerth. The way we used to be together... I... I don't mean lately, but before... It was real, wasn't it?

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