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Plinko Exchange Desk For 2021 !

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Reaper Fayde

Happy HoNiversary! As I can't wait any longer, we're gonna start early! starting NOW until 30th june, ALL the following alts are available for purchase: ALL Debut Alts ALL Gold Collection Alts

Gluttony Devourer


Month Name Ticket Cost
April invader Ravenor 1900
April F.L.E.X Flint 1200
April Mercury 500
April Super Taunt 1300
April Plumb Crazy Zerker 420
April Hang Jebat 1200
April Arctic Harrier 1200
April Overly Attached Empath 300
April Keeper of the green 500
April Flint Who Stole Xmas 420
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Month Name Ticket Cost
May Aluna Red Riding Hood 700
May Geosynch Sapphire 600
May Paku Devourer 1200
May Super Taunt 1300
May Tesla Cannon Nitro 1200
May Da Qiao 700
May Mecha Gemini 620
May LightGunblade 1200
May Songkran Adrenaline 620
May Birthday Basher 620
May Nebula 700
May Nebula 700
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