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Soulstealer Dread Proposed Change

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Head this link to know the current Dread (or Soulstealer in full picture): here


Passive - Aura
Radius: 900

Applies -2/-2.5/-3/-3.5 Magic Armor to enemies in radius to self.

Thought Process:

  • Current aura can't be toggle on or off unlike other auras.
  • Current aura is usually leveled up later because it disturbs early lane tactic, preferring to keep as close to ally tower as possible.
  • Even if the current aura is leveled up later, it arguably doesn't do good because armor items are often naturally purchased already by that time.
  • Changing the reduction from armor to magic armor likely solves the aforementioned thoughts.



Proposed Soulsteal (Head here to know the current one):

Passively heals self by 15 health when killing and denying a unit and grants 15/20/25/30 Attack Damage for 1 attack or 8 seconds. A complete attack action during the buff removes 15 Health to self and removes the buff itself in process. Health removal isn't lethal (I wonder whether it should be lethal or not).

Multiple application of this buff only increase the number of attack required to removes all buffs applied, the damage buff (and the health removal) doesn't stack and it is individually timed.

Thought Process:

  • This proposed ability grants Soulstealer a bit survivability and replaces the current ability but still keeps some of core design of the current ability.
  • Still, this proposed ability barely grants survivability without the help of first ability in creep-clearing so the health can be kept until the buff ends.

Proposed Soul Burst (Head here to know the current one):

Radius: 1000
Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds

This ability is automatically leveled at the start of the game with no activation at level 1.

Passively grants a soul charge to when killing a unit, up to a maximum of 10/20/30/40 (25/35/45/55) soul charges. Each soul charge adds 2% Base Attack Damage. Hero kills grant 4/6/8/10 soul charges.

Activates to release a torrent whose strength is based on the number of souls, dealing up to 150/225/300 + 15/22.5/30 Magic Damage per Soul. Applies Soul Burst to enemies in radius for 5 seconds, reducing Base Attack Damage by 25% and slowing Movement Speed by 25%.

25% of the soul charges are lost upon activation, increasing base attack damage by 2.5% per lost soul for 60/80/100 seconds.

Thought Process:

  • Merge two abilities into one to add diversity in picking the abilities per level up.
  • Keeping the charge collection to retain the current core design of the hero.


Edited by datfizh
Update 03/08/21 - Change on Soul Burst.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

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