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Hello there!

First of all sorry for maybe bad english because its not my native language.

Glad to see that HoN is still alive and people are moving it forward. Very good.
Want just to tell a story to such people as me that spent last two days 10 hours each in a row to find a solution about lags \ freezes and fps drop for myself. As im already playing this game from 2009 year

I wanted to share my humble experience with everyone who is interested and who is now looking for answers to their questions
After all, all this is much faster to understand and accept if the information is collected in one place.

So i serfed all forums, all dark nooks of the internet and a summing up in total:

*Some of this tips could help for Dota, LoL, HoTS and other similar games.

95% of problems during lags are on client side, anyway there are too much reasons for that to make a 1 right conclusion. Lags are different and to understand the real reason of a trouble you will waste a lot of time doing it by yourself if your knowledge are on low level. Anyway typical problems from my poor point of view:


Numbered by popularity in my opinion


1.  Your bad internet connection. Even if you have a good speed that will not help if you have packet loss. 
To understand if this your problem or it is something else:

1) Check your speed on https://www.speedtest.net/
2) Download WINMTR program. You can check manually newer version or get from sourceforge

extract in any folder

execute WinMTR.exe and type any site address or ip for checking ( for example i have a problem win Geforce NOW cloud gaming and noone not my provide, not Geforce specialists could help me ) :



If you see something like that be sure something is wrong with your connection. Call your provider.

and If you have a low % of packet loss you can feel super little lags \ freezes and uncomfortable playing


! Dear FB Staff - Didnt find any information about ip addresses of any your game server. Some short list with ip for each region will be nice for people to check.

2. Wrong \ old modification. Delete installed HoN mods.

Some of them can be up to date and make conflicts with a newer versions of HoN. 



3. Time to upgrade your brother/ Bad computer perfomance.


Time is going and everything get old, even your hardware...If you have an old computer with old vide card changing drivers to newer could make problems for you. (some old cards can get worst perfomance with new driver and also with every installation you have a chance that your card will get conflict with some your other devices). Also check NVIDIA control panel for any changes you did before. (right click on desktop -> NVIDIA Control Panel

BUT i think in 90% of this cases this is not video card, mostly problem will be in your CPU. As i know x32bit version of HoN uses only 1 CPU core and i know people play on good quality and 100 fps+ on integrated cards. 

Some solutions from me:

1 ) Check your CPU load by ctrl+alt+del or download some analyzing program such as CPU-Z or MSI Afterburner to check CPU and GPU (video card) overheat. It is typical story when CPU processers loaded by 100% processor start throttling and give itself some seconds to relax and drop fps. TCPU is throttling. This happens when the CPU reaches a preset temp that is dangerous to the CPU. The CPU reduces the Core Speed (GHz) to maintain a low enough amd this seems especially in big battles, FPS drops to 10-20. As i said check it temperature by mentioned methods and be notices that changing resolution \ qualitiy will not help at all even if you put everything on minimal. Most popular problem in this case: old thermopaste on CPU. Just buy new and change it (youtube will help). 

2) System conflicts and it will be very hard for you to find a real reasong of a problem. Someone helps changing system back to Windows 7 x64

3) If you have 64 bit version of Windows - try install HoN 64 bit version from this topic

Righ click on My computer -> Properties to check your system version.

*Some old CPU could not work on 64bit at all.



4. Vertical synchronization  (it could help or make it worse)

A refresh rate is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second. For example, a 60 Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second. A higher refresh rate results in a smoother picture

If you have 35 fps on your PC and your display have 60 mhz refresh rate - you will get some perfomance problems, the same could be for situation even when you have 100+ fps but your display works on higher 144 mhz

This problem is quite popalar and have different ways to solve. Also you can turn on V-synch in HoN (V-sync slow hardly your perfomance but can help in some cases)

The problem is that your display and computer have different refresh rate (mHz) and this will cause twitching of screens or individual parts.

You get screen tearing ALWAYS, when fps from the GPU is not synced with the Hz of the monitor. No matter how much fps you have, you WILL have screen tearing.

Even if you have 144 fps with a limited on 144 hz, you CAN have screen tearing. The Monitor refresh CAN happen between 2 frames from the GPU, the Tear will be at the same position then.

So in short: When not using any sync technology (V-Sync, Fast Sync, G-Sync) you WILL get tearing. The other questions are: Do you notice it, is the Game engine sensible for that, etc etc.


Some solution could help.

1.  Try to put your display refresh rate and your PC FPS rate similar to each other  

2. Also you can turn on\off  V-synch in HoN (V-sync slow hardly your perfomance but can help in some cases)


and check NVIDIA control panel. I'm using application options which are depends on the settings i'm choosing manually in HoN menu. 



6. Audio drivers conflict.

and yes... how not strange this could really be a problem. If you have some audio drivers conflict \ problems you will get mini-freezes during hero moving and great FPS slowdown while in active combat phases. And this were my problems.


Some solutions:


1. Try reinstall audio driver.

2. Put audio channels in game options in minimum and restart game.


Also there could be different problems  with audio conflicts. For example mine was that i've connected my PC not far ago to my LG TV and NVIDIA automatically loaded drivers to let sound go throught HDMI and play from my TV and they started to conflict only with Heroes of Newerth, sound quality was ok, all other games ok, but FPS drops very hard.

Also about year ago i used SoundWire program to play PC sound trought my phone via WiFi when my music columns broken and it also lagged and made microfreezes for this game. 

When i solved this problem i've still got FPS drop in battles and that was my fully dusted CPU. I've changed there thermopaste and now finally everything is ok.


As you see there are a lot of reasons and a lot of ways to resolve (some of them have the only way)

Please analyze this information, try some simple solutions and if not help - welcome!


p.s if i'll remember something more i've checked i will update this post.


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Nice list - just two things:
1. Since the entire article is in English (completely readable btw, so good job), the screenshots should probably be in English too. I have no idea what you're highlighting in those Russian ones 😄 
2. Part of your first point should be the wireless connection. If you use a wireless connection, there's a good chance they are at least occasionally responsible for spikes. Of course that depends on the channel and the amount of neighbors using wireless connections, but in crowded areas that's probably a noticable issue. And the best part: You can fix it rather easily - just get a cable 😉 (I actually just did that last week - not because of the game but because of work and frequently interrupting video calls).

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1. Since the entire article is in English (completely readable btw, so good job), the screenshots should probably be in English too. I have no idea what you're highlighting in those Russian ones  

I thought about this, but firstly i just wanted to make some comment on another thread, word by word..... 😄 and it was already 7 a.m  so i wanted to do it good but faster😀

If this will get a response from people and someone will fix his problems i will change language and remake screenshots in Eng. (for now I hope people will cope simply by pressing the same buttons )


Absolutely right, i think this must be added to post. unfortunately cable will help to solve problem on the way Router in your home -> Your PC, nothing more 😞

This is too easy and not hardcore at all. True problems of true men are on internet provider side. 😎


I mentioned about my problem with Geforce Now and im using cable. Of course it became better for all other things im doing on my PC but such local problems can't be solved by myself as a problem physically could be far far away on a Transport server between you and your nominated final ip. 


I think there is much more reasons for different lags in HoN or any another game, but they are not universal for all people, rather more personall for each PC.

1 hour ago, zipan said:

execute WinMTR.exe and type any site address or ip for checking ( for example i have a problem win Geforce NOW cloud gaming and noone not my provide, not Geforce specialists could help me ) :




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