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You should utilize those items while they last. I think the issues get fixed on next patch.

Feel free to tell anything in mind besides those 2 items you talked about by editing your post. Don't you want to wait for another patch to just fix the unmentioned issue?

I propose some quick fixes for those items you mentioned as below:

Grimoire of Power: also applies Perplex effect to user during Stun and Debuff reduction duration.

Elder Parasite: Revert back to previous version but attack damage.

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Don't see a problem with those items to be honest. EP changes are minor - the item can now be used. 

Grimoire changes were also reasonable. The item was really not usable before. 20% magic lifesteal is totally fine and for the active the CD is high enough.

Just because those items were not picked up before and are picked up now, it doesn't mean they are broken.

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personally i don't use heroes that can make good use of grimoire or elders but i think these 2 items are good and a good pick. 

Perhaps Grimoire does need perplexed after using it, but the item itself is now something you can indeed consider to pick up. 


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