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Game freezes for a second, almost sporadically

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Hey guys,
So I get this pretty frequently, where I'm just playing and  the game will freeze for a while, from anywhere between 0.5 seconds to, I reckon I've had it up to 5 seconds a couple of times.
I've tried installing and playing on a different SSD (currently installed on my secondary SSD, which is faster and has more capacity than my main SSD).
It happens on both x64 and x86 clients.

The only relatively consistent way I can make it happen is if I press Z (to load/show the chat) - almost seems as though trying to load/show the chat if it hasn't been done in a while causes the issue.. but that's just a guess. Other times it happens, I can't exactly pinpoint, but it's often when things are about to get spicy

Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know the fix?


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If you cannot connect chatserver - i think this could be packet loss

Try to check your connection and check with WinMTR if you really have any problems with internet or no



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