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Super Taunt refreshes normal taunt for other players

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Good evening,

If a player casts Super Taunt and deals damage at the same time as another player with normal taunt during a killing blow, the normal taunt will also be refreshed for the second player as well (not an owner of Super Taunt).

How to replicate:
1) Cast Super Taunt on an enemy.

2) Ally and Super Taunt user damage an enemy at the same time of the kill.

3) Taunt is refreshed at the time of the kill for ally and Super Taunt user.

4) Ally is able to cast taunt again. If the Super Taunt is used again, taunt will be refreshed for ally again. This can be done indefinitely. 

5) Super Taunt user must get the last hit on the enemy for the taunt to refresh for an ally.


Match ID for reference: 158821950

Timestamps and key notes:

*Watch taunt of Devourer refresh at 10:51, 11:07, 11:28, 11:54, 12:12 as Pollywog Priest casts Super Taunt. Devourer does not own Super Taunt at the time of match.

*Super Taunt does not refresh for an ally when Devourer gets the kill at 12:44, 14:04. 

*If taunt is still on cooldown, it will still not refresh for an ally even if they last hit together (such as in 13:06).


Screenshots (Note in-game time):

1) Before Taunt:


2) During Taunt:


3) After Taunt:





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