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Should Ban Pick ban less heroes? 6 -> 4

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Currently, ban pick allows banning up to 6x heroes. My argument is that this is too large a number, and results in more frequent cases of frustration for players when heroes they want to play gets banned. I can't afford to play more than 2-3 games daily, so when each game the heroes I want to play are banned, it's a poor quality of life for the player. Moreover, the way players typically select the heroes they want to ban is based on the top-2 most-played heroes of enemy players (usually blue/pink) - hardly any strategy involved. Reducing the number of heroes banned in a game from 6x heroes to 4x heroes is a big quality of life improvement since it significantly reduces the proportion of games where the heroes you want to play are banned while still retaining the chance to ban very strong-meta heroes/potential counters etc.

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2 hours ago, Diabetis said:

more bans and the banning phase should last longer. You never have time to check heroes that enemies pick and ban according to it. You have to pre-ban basically.

You technically do have time to open up everyone's stats within the ban phase, but in practice people just view their opposing team's blue/pink most played heroes. I grant you its anecdotal, but at least a third of my >50 games over the past few months as blue/pink at least one if not both of my top 2 heroes (solid but not meta-worthy heroes like ss/pebbles) get banned.

People seem to want more bans and although I haven't heard any arguments I surmise they might be for balance reasons? I'm all for reasoned captain pick-like approaches to bans but at the end of the day, I find that people ban simply according to what the enemy plays and for no other reason, which isn't fun if you're the one who's most played heroes are banned. 

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