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Gold Coin Scammers - do not purchase from unofficial sources

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Hi all,


We were recently notified about Gold Coin scammers going around and scamming players. As a general rule, do not purchase Gold Coins from unofficial sources.


If you have recently purchased Gold Coins from unofficial sources, we advise you take whatever means necessary to get your money back.


The only place where you should purchase Gold Coins are the following:


- Frostburn Studios



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Purchasing from third party sellers may be dangerous. At first sight it you might consider it cheap, but think of it like a trap: a trap is not really expensive but catches greater values. From this perspective, unknown sources might, for example, "scam" you by tricking you into buying a $30 USD worth of coins for $5 USD, when they can possibly rob you for $50 USD as they wish.


If you really do not know how to differentiate between the real Heroes of Newerth website and the fake one, if they really have similar domain names and design, the easiest way to figure out the real one is to check out the Digital Certificate provided to the official Heroes of Newerth website in your browser for authentication. It can simply be discovered by pressing on the lock pad (found in any browser on the left of a link) and checking the subject of this certificate, which should always, and nothing different than the entire heroesofnewerth.com domain. You can always ensure the identity by checking the fields of this certificate.


For instance, if we try to visit the Official Coins Store, we may find out the following certificate information:


This is the digital identity of the domain, issued by a trusted Certification Authority, and most importantly it's still valid. You always need to ensure this kind of trust. The places you are trying to buy from that are other than this are regarded as unsafe and might scam you.


This concept also applies if you're not using a website, maybe giving away your credit card information, which is more dangerous. Even if you're using a "secure" third party website, this doesn't mean they're internally secure. There's a great possibility that they're not encrypting your personal information of purchase methods. They can, at any time, duplicate purchases, use these information somewhere else, etc...


Please be aware of this all the time as you attempt to buy something. Not to mention, these third party organizations had some of their members arrested (thanks to the investigation team we had back then) for doing illegal actions, so I would be careful when it comes to buying from them, if I were you.


Stay safe, and remember, we are always pushing ourselves to make this place better, so you might as well support us instead of risking your wallet.

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