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Mouse keys reprogrammed itself during a match and now I can’t bind hero to a key

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Hope what I wrote in title makes sense. I have a Logitech MMO mouse.i think there are 12 buttons on the mouse. Used it for years and no problem at all. I came back to HON yesterday after a 4 or 5 month break. No hardware or software issues after many matches until today where the key bindings on the mouse just changed on its own during a match. 

Several of the key binds for abilities just changed to bindings that could only be made on the keyboard, and some of the binds for items were changed to what I had for the hero abilities. No clue at all why the binds on the mouse just changed on its own. All of the binds on keys for the keyboard seems to have stayed in place. Hopefully all that makes sense.

I was able to reprogram the mouse to its previous stat, however, the problem is that the bind that I use to assign on my hero doesn’t work. I have always been able to use the CTRL button + a key on the mouse to assign my hero on it. However, now that method does not work. 

So far I have restarted HON, restarted computer, and checked to make sure that the Control modifier on the HON options page is there. Outside of reinstalling HON, how do I program my hero unit to the key on the mouse?



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Small update. I still can’t bind keys using the Control + key method, but I found the “Select Hero” option in the controls menu. I have set the key that I normally do to that permanently. In the past, I have bound the select hero key each game.

The ctrl on my keyboard and all the mouse buttons do work as I have tested them.

however, the problem still remains that if I use a micro character like Warbeast, Wildsoul, Pollywog Voodoo wards I don’t have a quick way to bind and control their extra stuff during a match.

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happened to me as well recently, I have the same mouse. my mouse/HoN reprogrammed on its own. now when i reassign instead of the numbers being listed as 1-12, it says NUM1-12 in HoN. Idk, but just reassigning seems to work so far. weird

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