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Tremble - Time for some changes?

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1 hour ago, Ondis said:

Because you have like  100 heroes to choose from and there are tons of simple auto attack heroes and no real melee hero with a companion, except warchief who is semi-melee.   Not to mention the Boris mechanic is unique in the way he can help with mobility and not just attack when controllable. 

Gear heroes to different players rather than gearing all heroes to all players , that will satisfy no one. 


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The unique of tremble is how good he can solo mid, slow the enemy on hit, and teleport around the map. As you see, the ultimate like the bonus part to him, you can almost give tremble any ultimate if it work well, a finish skill, a self protect skill, a enhance buff, etc....

The problem is people always looking down of tremble, no matter what skill he have. Giving him a controlable pet doesn't solve the problem but make it worse

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HoN SEA Player

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