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Midas buffs and/or changes.

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I previously attempted to brainstorm changes to W: Lion's Pride to improve Midas functionally and further flesh out the hero. Today, i'll make a more comprehensive thread with more changes and a more cohesive vision in mind.





1. Primary stat attribute changed to strength again. Slightly increase starting str/gain and reduce starting int/gain, making Midas a ranged spellcaster bruiser hybrid.


Reasoning: Being a nuker that can clear wave, hard stun up front and escape/initiate, the only reasonable approach imo to make him balance niche wise is to make him rely on auto attack and natural tankiness more, to distinguish himself from the default glass cannon caster archetype. Making his spells slow or hard to land only makes him a dependent PK hero.



2. Q: Golden Salvo: Reduce magic damage by 10~25%, whichever reasonable. Slow duration increased to 4s, added effect of reducing 15/20/25/30% base attack damage, non-stacking. Independently grant Midas 15/20/25/30 increased attack damage for 6s on cast.


Reasoning: First off, by nerfing Midas's wave nuking, i want to increase his level requirement before he can disengage from laning entirely, forcing him to play his lane longer until and/or invest in spellshards should he opt for this current playstyle, which is fair imo. Reducing emphasis on the burst damage, making Q increase Midas's damage and reduce enemy's, Midas can excel as a bruiser, his reduced initial damage gained back by making use of his ranged attack and strength hero status in a prolong engagement. Even if he misses Q, Midas isn't missing out entirely, which is one of his current core problem. If he misses his spells, which all 3 are slow projectiles, he's useless and doesn't have anything reliable to fall back on. I know this is the trade off for being able to do everything, but all this does is making him either a gross PK hero or a barely 45% winrate one. By making Midas commit with prolong auto attacking, you force him to take risk in order to deal damage, making him weigh between doing damage and being slippery.



3. W: Lion's Pride: Reduce magic damage by 10~25%, whichever reasonable. Change targeting mechanic to dual targeting and adds brief slow. Target an unit (even ally) or an area to spawn a lion head that locks on to it, after 1s, it launches toward that unit's position, dealing damage to the area behind it, slowing enemies hit by 60% for 0.5s.


Elaborating mechanic:


- Like the retail one, Lion's Pride will still heal friendly units it passes through and gain damage, even the one you targeted, applying Transmute debuff to enemies even if it doesn't damage them outside of the landing AOE.

- Can still target ground to use the spell with the current fashion, just instead of the slow projectile it's a spell delay. The target position though would be the red dot below as if you targeted an unit.

- After locking on a target, Lion's Pride launches after 1s, choosing the target's position at the time, not before it (the position of the target at the point of launching). Explosion position relative to the target's position:



- Lion's Pride stops tracking the target the moment it launches, going for the target's position at the time, allowing them to potentially dodge it. Projectile speed is fast, 2000~3000, so that in order to dodge the explosion damage, the target has to run forward, toward Midas, not backward or sideways. Projectile travels for a maximum of 1500 range, to prevent cross map shenanigans.


Reasoning: It's to add an element of reliability to Midas's spell kit, and to add enough functions to justify reducing the burst damage. Mechanic wise, you are perfectly capable of using it the old fashion way, nuking a target area. In the event that you do target an unit, you only need to target the nearest one and it will hit the rest of them behind it. The new possibilities though: you can pre-emptively cast on an ally with movement skill, nuking their initiating position right after; you gain a reliable way to Transmute a target enemy, either by them running away from the lion taking 60% 0.5s slow, or running predictably toward only path available to at least dodge Lion's Pride's damage. Another attempt to shift Midas toward the bruiser playstyle, even by allowing the enemy to dodge the spells damage, it's still cc-ing them and creating opportunity for Midas to stick his face in and hit. This reliability was brought to you by reduced burst damage gang.



4. R: Transmute: This may or may not be needed. Has 4 levels, with level 1 learned from the start. Stuns for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25s, dealing 0/75/150/225 magic damage. Remove the Midas's Touch effect as it's included in new Golden Salvo.


Reasoning: This may not be needed now with my Q and W suggestions, but if those don't make it, then this is the Midas buff i want to propose. Midas before lvl 4 is an absolute creep, his spells are hard to land, deal little damage, and do nothing even if you land it, not mentioning costing an arm and a leg worth of mana. This makes Midas a bad lane partner.


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I dont read all the post yet but there's something i agreed and suggest with:

 + Transmute should have 4 level, started at 1, deal zero damage but have stun at lv 1

 + Reserve the SOTM cast range nerf from E, it's the main reason we build SOTM over PK on midas. I dont mind if you nerf the other effect or change it

 + Rather than slow, each spell should give the enhance buff on midas. The slow on midas feel ilke a pitty effect giving to him

 + Since midas become intelligence hero, why not give him 600 attack range, just for one patch to test out of it? I'm sure it work fine

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Allow me to put other ideas:


Idea 1:

  • Reverts Midas' primary attribute back.
  • Lion's Pride heals 30/40/50/60 + 5% of Midas' maximum health. It always heals Midas (I think it already happens) and the damage starts at 70/100/130/160 + 25% of healing done by Lion's Pride, capped at 360 damage.
  • Elemental Warp reduces affected enemy's base attack damage by 35% for 3/4/5/6 seconds.
  • Transmute also grants 10/15/20% Base Attack Damage per ability off cooldown. No longer grants bonus damage on transmuted unit.
  • Staff proposed boost to Transmute (eliminating current boost): activate to reset cooldown of all non-ultimate abilities and puts Midas on undispellable Silence for 3 seconds. Has 15 seconds cooldown.

Thought Process:

  • Yes, I have same opinion as OP regarding the attribute revert.
  • Proposed Lion's Pride justifies Midas to have his strength attribute back so he is less awkward to get bulky.
  • Elemental Warp is usually used as initiation tool so this proposed buff helps him to man-up auto-attacker.
  • Proposed Transmute is reminiscent of Prisoner ability but inverted. Staff boost is proposed to complement this suggestion.

Idea 2:

  • Reverts Midas' primary attribute back to Strength.
  • Every abilities apply different reagent without leveling up the ultimate, granting unique effect once combined.
  • Reagent from Golden Salvo applies 3.5 seconds Restrain to target.
  • Reagent from Lion's Pride applies a status effect to target for 3.5 seconds, healing Midas' by 3.5% of maximum health for every non-DoT damage he deals to them.
  • Reagent from Elemental Warp reduces target's base damage by 35% for 3.5 seconds.
  • Ultimate has its leveling up changed to 6/11/16 and the bonus magic damage upon combining the reagent is removed.
  • Midas' Touch duration to Midas himself is increased to 3.5 seconds (not the stun) and the bonus attack damage is increased to 40/70/100.
  • Staff boost change: Elemental Warp's range increase is replaced with attack time resets every ability cast with +50 attack speed to one attack (cooldown reduction remains).

Thought Process:

  • Yes, I have same opinion as OP regarding the attribute revert.
  • Reagent's mechanic change makes the abilities interesting to have correct combination for warranted circumstance.
  • Proposed reagent on Lion's Pride justifies Midas to have his strength attribute back so he is less awkward to get bulky.
  • Elemental Warp is usually used as initiation tool so the reagent effect on it helps him to man-up auto-attacker.
  • Proposed Transmute nerf his burst damage and encourage his capability to man-up the enemy.


  • I like the primary attribute revert suggestion.
  • The proposed Golden Salvo has too much utilities in one ability.
  • Even in-game it could be simple, I still think the proposed Lion's Pride is complicated.
  • I like Transmute suggestion to have already leveled at the start.
Edited by datfizh
Modify idea 2 and cancel idea 1.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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Are you talking about my reasoning about his wave nuking? By that i meant his ability to 1 shot a wave then goes else where, heroes that can insta kill wave from long range have zero to minimum risk of being harassed and ganked, which goes against what i want him to do which is gaining "value" by combating and hindering enemies, instead of power farming ignoring opposition entirely. Or at least at higher level requirement, which was what was said.

It has nothing to do with his capability to gank, which i think he should not be a big creep until 4, hence having stun from lvl 1 with no bonus damage.

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Interresting take on Midas. I think what you are discribing was how he was ment to be played to begin with. But now that he is a Int hero hes in a spot where he is quite useful at times. I dont think midas NEEDS this change but its interresting none the less

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