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Xemplar needs nerfs.

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Yeah, i feel like Xemplar finally got discovered enough by the player base to get his full potential on the line and imo it's way to much. The hero literally 1 shots anything with a Staff or Geos with simply Ult +  1 single W+Q spell. If the Illus survive somehow (if he 1 Shots the Arcane Bomb heroes), he can easily steamroll Teamfights over with pretty little farm and afford.

The hero is right now at a whopping 62% win quote, making him godtier right now (the 2nd highest hero has 57% ((Artillery)) and has a balance suggestion thread, where people demand nerfs..). Xemplar can be played short, mid and long to a good success, doesn't really need farmitems because he can force crushing teamfights with little farm and efford. He can play offensive and defensive to a hugh success. If we compare him to a Sand who is a simliar hero, i see no reason why i should ever pick Sand over Xemplar, with the current power level of Xemp.



His laning phase is his weak spot. Leave it as it is. His lack of real farming spells is the only reasons, why the hero ain't absolutely broken.

The Ult does WAY to much DMG at lvl 6, with Q and W combination, making him pretty linear. Imo he should recieve heavy nerfs on the DMG the Illusions give out and maybe recieve some buffs on the DMG the hero itself deals (so you are not fully dependent on his Ult. A simple Ult + W + Q shouldn't be able to do over 1K AOE DMG on lvl 7).

His Attribute could need a rework. Him being a STR hero actually makes him super strong. He is the sort of high DMG Dealer like a Agi Hero, but is STR which makes him tanky aswell. Him being Agi and some sort of papercanon would be way more fair, removing the tankpart.

His W could need some Range reduction. He can literally Ramp charge over a pretty long range and also puts an Empathwall aswell, ending in brutal szenarios. The W spell is way to broken for so little mana.



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