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Most recent match cannot be found under Match History untill another match is played.

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I encountered this issue yesterday.

Basically I am unable to see my most recent game in Match History.
If I play another game, the first game will appear in my match history, but my most recent still does not until I play another game and so on.

For me, this is only an issue with the New Interface.
The issue is non-existent with the Old Interface.

I am NOT running the 64 bit client.

One thing to add is that the statistics from the match, such as win/loss/MMR/stats does get registered correctly post game.


EDIT: It's working now. I have not done any changes in the in-game settings, neither at my computer. My most recent match now appears right after the game as usual. 

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It's more of an update to my OP. Also to help other readers to keep up with the post.
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6 minutes ago, SupaPowaXXL said:

Do you leave the game before mvp vote is over?

The game stats aren't shown until the "game is over leave game"-button appears I think

Yes, but that's not the issue here. You can just re-enter your statistics a couple of times or wait for 30 seconds and the match will appear, (since that's what I've always done before).
My matches did not appear until I had played another match. I could exit HoN / sign out and in / view my stats from another acc / restart computer etc. The match refused to appear.

However, good news is that it seems to be working now. I played a couple games yesterday but the issue was still there. I just played another game and the stats now appeared from my most recent. Perhaps just an issue for me I suppose. 

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