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Re-add the Kick option & review the Report a Player system

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I am playing this game since 2012, with ups and downs, but it really becomes more of a pain nowadays rather then a fun way to spend your time. The community is getting more toxier every day and no one is taking any actions, which is sad. I have played dozens of games where someone is just refusing to play with the team (playing all alone), griefing, flaming,  playing in the forest for the entire game (from the very beginning - to the very end) and many other examples. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who encountered such gaming behavior in Heroes of Newerth.

Back in the days, there was a voting option to kick a player who is simply ruining the game, the gameplay and the overall game spirit. For some reason (probably some abuses) the feature was removed. Considering the actual state of the community, I really believe it would be of great help to limit or minimize the toxic behavior of the players and, moreover, it would also be a way to play the game in peace, or concede the game in peace.

Even though there are no strict rules on how the play the game and everyone should definitely have the freedom to play it in it's own way, I believe there are (or should be) some basic principles. The current state of the game rules are way too general and the Report a Player system is just of no help at all. Either no one is even looking on the reports (because of the very high amount of tickets which, most probably, are just made out of frustration or the very low number of staff members) or they are just closing the reports in bulks. I am trying to not report players just for the sake of reporting and to do it only when something was really wrong (and not in accordance with the rules or the spirit of the game) but I am always getting that "My report was a failure!"... (which from the communication point of view even the answer is wrong on so many levels).

HoN is a game which started with great promises and now is hardly fighting to survive. Unfortunately, I do believe that there are more to be done in order to revive it and a first step could be to listen to the community and make the game environment a more pleasant and enjoyable one. 

Thank you! 

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I agree and I don't. 

The old kick system wasn't perfect, groups of 4 could abuse it for example.

What could work is a "karma score". Your score would decrease by people reporting you, maybe -1 for unsuccessful reports and -10 for successful. When your score is low enough you can be kicked by a vote, the lower your score is less votes are required for kick. Your score would go up again if you play games without being reported, could be +1 every 2 games without report. 

It's just a thought, people are always complaining about toxic players and this could be proof of their behaviour if the score is shown in stats.

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Old kicksystem was garbage. When u had griefers / feeders, the enemy team never passed. When u were with a team of 3-4 mates, you got kicked so they get +7 mmr insteat of 5.


People should just get banned much longer. You can literally flame everybody, get reported and get banned for 3 days, lol.

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