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No ingame voicechat

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i just had a game where the ingame voicechat was completely disabled for the legion side(I don´t know if it worked for the hellbourne).
The voicechat icon appeared next to the avatar, but we couldn´t hear each other.

X64 Client


Match Name: TMM Match #160553690

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Same happened to 3 matches I played yesterday (28th of December) and 1 match today (29th of December). Also, there was a match today where I could not hear anyone nor they me, but they could hear each other.


Matches where no one could hear anyone:





Match where I could hear no one and vice versa:




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Same with me! Voice worked fine 1 game in mentor mode. Then 2 normal games worked fine. Then whole week microphone dont work. Didint change any settings. Have checked all things!

I can see the mic icon, that I am talking, but nobody can hear me. Also can see mic icon from other players, but cant hear them.

Its 100% on the game, not my settings!


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Ive had so many games with the voicechat not working at all. Now and then we have a game where it works, but it is rare xD...

Hope the staff will be back at work Monday (later today) to look at this issue.

@ElementUser i dont think there is any doubt anymore that there is a problem. xD 


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Just wanted to update that this has been a consistent problem since my last comment on this post. I would say that during this period  about 4 in 5 games have not had functioning voice chat, i.e. a large majority. 

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Similar issue, except my push to talk button doesnt work at all no matter what i change it to. I don't get the voice chat icon above my head, and the test in settings doesn't register. I've tried on discord, PC settings, and others, and works perfectly. It was working fine a couple days ago and now it's just like it's turned off. I can hear others, others can't hear me

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10 minutes ago, miniwoodsen said:

Just wanna confirm to the staff ( @ElementUser ) that this is still an issue. My latest game: 160751479. No voice chat! 

Can we players get some sort of confirmation that you are working on this? or? Cause it seems like you do not do much atm....


We only have so much resources to look into this. Things may change in the next patch.

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