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"Fun Mode": Solution for having Midwars, Devo Wars, Blitz Mode etc. without high Queue times

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Some years ago we had a system where besides CoN and Midwars, there was a third map rotating. Either way it was CTF, Riftwars, Devo Wars, Blitz mode etc.
I really liked this as people had the opportunity to play something unique each month. However, I am aware that this has been removed because of the Queue times being very high there.

Now I think the main reason for this is that some people do not like the mode that has been rotated right now. I personally loved Grimm's Crossing 3v3 and Blitz mode there. CTF was also nice. I could not find myself enjoying Rift Wars or Devo Wars so i always skipped that when it was the rotated map. And I think others had the same issue. I think everyone liked one or two game modes, however they skipped most of them so Queue times obviously have become very high there. Also the decision between Mid Wars and the map rotated was tough, as Midwars will always be a very enjoyable mode.


Now my idea in order to reduce the Q times heavily and still give everyone the opportunity to play what they want is: Do not make people choose one map only, but give them the opportunity to choose from a list from game modes they like to play.

Besides CoN and Public Games add the "Fun mode" (or give it a different name).

This mode includes the following "options":


Mid Wars 5v5 Banning Pick

Mid Wars 5v5 Single Draft (these two we leave untouched, as people love these)

Grimm's Crossing 3v3 Normal mode (only possible if you are in a Q with less than 4 people)

Grimm's Crossing 5v5 Blitz mode

Rift Wars

Devo Wars

Capture The Flag.


If I have forgotten any important, then they should be added of course 🙂


Now there will be people who enjoy most of the modes but one or two, they untick them and will have one of the rest being chosen.

Others might want to play one single game mode only. They will have to wait much longer, but if they are aware of it and are fine doing something else in the meantime, why not allow them to do so?


I know there is still Public/Hosted games where people can create games they want, but there you can have only one map/mode and people have to join who want to play the exact same thing. Also I personally feel it is much more comfortable to wait in a Queue than in a lobby where you can not be afk as a host because people will disconnect if you are.

The thing is I have played like 15 hosted games within the last 5 years and I think most people do not play more there than I.


What do you think about this option? 🙂

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Does this mean overall there won't be any changes to the play modes/maps in the "Play now" selection? It will remain always as: Bot, Public, Ranked, Midwars?

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so instead of having one queue for midwars, you are saying to split that queue to 7 independent queues?

this suggestion is exactly what would make queue times skyrocket to hours of waiting, instead of reducing it

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Posted (edited)

No, you are able to tick multiple options. If you choose one only, then you are right. This will make the Q time the longest possible, but will have a 100% chance you get into the game mode you did choose (Rift Wars for example...)
If you however tick all options, you agree to join any game mode. This will result in a very very short Q time (even shorter Q times than midwars games nowadays as I believe more people will play "fun mode" if this happens), however before joining the game you will have no clue which game mode has been chosen.

In other words: The more game modes you tick, the lower the Q times, but harder to estimate which game mode will be chosen.

Let us be honest. If someone is willing to wait 15 minutes for a 100% chance to play a Rift Wars game, why not let him do so?
Public games is a really bad alternative imo.

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I find the Fun Mode comment very interesting, and seeing that the goal of raising money to make the move to 64x was met, I think it should be considered for the next beta

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